Think back to the first moment you fell in love with technology. Was it love at first deployment? What about developing code to trick your school’s bell system into letting your class out early? If you love all things technology, or you’re a technologist, then you should definitely put #TechConfessions, the podcast and YouTube playlist, on your radar.

#TechConfessions is a weekly podcast and web series that uncovers the deep, dark tech secrets of some of high tech’s finest minds. The series looks to expose the inner thoughts and forgotten stories of tech professionals. Hear from top tech pros as they divulge the early beginnings of their tech careers and proclaim their favorite software-defined moments. Get insights into what makes these tech leaders tick, and discover their long-burning passion for all things tech.

Director of Influence Marketing at VMware, Amy Lewis, one of the hosts of #TechConfessions, gives a voice to the professionals witnessing industry changes. Going from a hardware to a software state of mind happens differently for everyone. As the host of #TechConfessions, Amy digs deep to get the real backstory behind each individual’s transition into the world of software.


So far, season one of #TechConfessions has interviewed Duncan Epping, William Lam, Melissa Gurney and other key tech influencers who shed light on their fascinating and unique IT journeys. Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you’ve read their books or, maybe they sit in the cube next to you. All the more reason to tune in and hear their stories.

The best part—you can easily catch up and binge on every Tech Confessions episode. Ranging from 3-11 minutes, these are short, quick-hitting interviews, with real people witnessing changes in the industry. Download the podcast version of #TechConfessions via iTunes and listen during your daily commute for a dose of software inspiration, or kick back and binge watch recordings of #TechConfessions on YouTube and be in awe of guests sitting on the set’s notoriously comfortable couch.

Stay tuned for new weekly episodes, where all tech confessions will be revealed. Be sure to also follow host Amy Lewis on Twitter (@Commsninja) for a behind-the-scenes look at #TechConfessions and more.

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