In today’s day and age, content is king. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the deluge of information, especially in the tech space where change is constant. We’re aware that the struggle is real. To keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in networking, we’ve compiled a round-up blog of the top posts from the past few months.


VMware Closes Acquisition of VeloCloud Networks

 In December, VMware NSX completed its acquisition of VeloCloud Networks, bringing their industry-leading, cloud-delivered SD-WAN solution to our own growing software-based networking portfolio. The acquisition of VeloCloud significantly advances our strategy of enabling customers to run, manage, connect and secure any application on any cloud to any device. Learn all about the acquisition from SVP and GM, Networking and Security Business Unit Jeff Jennings.

VMware SDDC with NSX Expands to AWS

With VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can now leverage the best of both worlds – the leading compute, storage and network virtualization stack enabling enterprises for SDDC can now all be enabled with a click of a button on dedicated, elastic, bare-metal and highly available AWS infrastructure. Bonus: because it’s a managed service by VMware, customers can focus on the apps and let VMware handle the management/maintenance of the infrastructure and SDDC components.

Introducing NSX-T 2.1 with Pivotal Integration

 In early December, NSX-T 2.1 was released, which enables advanced networking and security across emerging app architectures. More specifically, NSX-T 2.1 serves as the networking and security platform for the recently announced VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS), a Kubernetes solution jointly developed by VMware and Pivotal in collaboration with Google. NSX-T 2.1 also introduces integration with the latest 2.0 release of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), serving as the networking and security engine behind PCF. Get a full download of all the functionality in NSX-T 2.1 by clicking the link above.

VMware Cloud on AWS with NSX: Connecting SDDCs Across Different Regions

One of the major benefits of VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS is that users can easily achieve a global footprint by deploying multiple VMC SDDCs in different regions. At the end of 2017, two AWS regions became available for VMC: US West (Oregon) and US East (N. Virginia). By clicking a button and deploying SDDCs in different regions, users will have access to a global SDDC infrastructure backed by all the vSphere, vSAN and NSX functionality they love. Be on the lookout for more available regions coming this year.

Kubernetes in the Enterprise with VMware NSX-T and vRealize Automation

Part one of this five-part series centered around Kubernetes in the enterprise is a VMware guide on how to design, deploy and operate Kubernetes SaaS with NSX-T and vRealize Automation. This is a great entry piece to Kubernetes as a technical solution for the enterprise, with an emphasis on NSX-T’s networking and security integrations with the software.

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