In the year 2017, news comes at you fast. So, it’s easy to miss the important or informational items that just weren’t on your radar when they first arrived. While we believe VMware NSX should be firmly on everyone’s virtualization radar, we understand that you may miss a few items from time to time. That’s why we’re putting together this VMware NSX news round-up.

This news round-up recaps the latest NSX-related material you may have missed over the past few months for you peruse at your leisure. We’ll compile these posts again from time to time, so be sure to keep your eye on this space for more VMware NSX news rounds-ups and informational posts!

Real World Use Cases for NSX and Pivotal Cloud Foundry

From the post: Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is the leading PaaS solution for enterprise customers today, providing a fast way to convert their ideas from conception to production. This is achieved by providing a platform to run their code in any cloud and any language taking care of all the infrastructure “stuff” for them.

From building the container image, compiling it with the required runtime, deploying it in a highly available mode and connecting it to the required services, PCF allows dev shops to concentrate on developing their code.

Kubernetes in the enterprise with VMware NSX-T and vRealize Automation

From the post: The idea of provisioning Kubernetes clusters in an easy way, with day-2 operations, inside your datacenters, has been a request from most of the VMware customers who are starting their journeys into the brave new cloud-native world. As we saw also from the announcement, PKS is currently under development by VMware, Google and Pivotal and is targeted for GA Q4 this year.

Until then, what if we have a solution today that you can start piloting right away without waiting? And what if it is based on the VMware solutions that you’ve grown to use and love…

Micro-segmentation of the Epic Electronic Health Records System with VMware NSX

From the post: The Ponemon Institute Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data has shown that nearly 50 percent of Healthcare organizations, up 5 percent from a previous study, have been breached and that criminal attacks are the leading cause of Healthcare breaches.

With breaches on the rise and Healthcare organizations feeling the pain, how can we help Healthcare start layering security approaches on their most critical business applications that contain this highly critical data?

Demo: Multi-Site Active-Active with NSX, F5 Networks GSLB, and Palo Alto Networks Security

From the post: The goal of the demo shown in the video embedded below was to show an application running on NSX and spanning between two sites where ingress/egress for the application is handled locally from where the client connects. Cross-VC NSX provides for the multi-site platform the application runs on and provides for consistent networking, consistent security, and inherent automation across sites.

Your view into the Incredible Presentations at future:net 2017

From the post: For those of you unable to attend future:net 2017 in Las Vegas last month, fear not—what happens in Vegas can sometimes be brought to you on this blog.

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