For those of you unable to attend future:net 2017 in Las Vegas last month, fear not—what happens in Vegas can sometimes be brought to you on this blog.

At this year’s future:net we heard from the technical and networking leaders shaping new network strategies, solutions and innovations.  The latest and greatest from our all-star speakers are contained in the links below.  Happy learning!

  • Opening & CTO Perspective – Check out the presentation that kicked off future:net 2017! Pere Monclus, CTO of NSBU at VMware, offers his expert perspective and lays out his thoughts on the future of networking.
  • Opening Keynote: Network Engineers Can Uncross Their Fingers by Emulating Hardware and Software Engineers – CEO & Co-Founder of Intentionet Ratul Mahajan argues that intent-based networking can be realized by borrowing and adapting approaches that have enabled hardware and software engineers to tame their own engineering complexity in his insightful opening keynote speech.
  • What Is the Identity of Your Running Code? How Netflix Keeps Control of Identity and Stays Agile – YouTube and chill with this presentation from Manish Mehta, Senior Security Engineer at Netflix, on how Netflix builds identities for all services and jobs within their cloud and ultimately uses them for end-to-end security and fine-grained authorization.
  • Software Networking Section Q&A – Moderated by Bruce Davie, VP and CTO of APJ at VMware, this section Q&A featured a host of expert software networking speakers fielding questions from audience members and offering their unique insights.
  • The Role of Hardware and IO Processors in the Ongoing Network Transformation – In this panel, moderated by Vice President Chief Technology Officer of Telco/NFV at VMware Constantine Polychronopoulos, a host of networking leaders explore and discuss different hardware and software models, abstractions and capabilities needed to push the networking industry into the next phase.
  • Network Security Challenges in Enterprise Grade Public Cloud – Pradeep Vincent, Architect at Oracle, discusses multi-tenancy and cloud provider managed operations of the public cloud, along with the unique security challenges that come with it. Hear his thoughts on how to transform network architecture to solve these challenges.
  • End-User Perspective Section Q&A – Moderated by Martin Casado, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, this section Q&A gathered end-user perspective experts who answered audience questions around the cloud and the future of networking.
  • Open19 – The Data Center Edge Future Is Now – Principal Engineer, Data Center Architecture at LinkedIn & President and Chairman of the Board at Open19 Foundation Yuval Bachar delivers a forward-looking presentation around Open19’s open source initiative to meet the need for larger, more scalable and reliable data centers as the explosion of connected devices continues to grow.
  • Mega Clouds Section Q&A – Moderated by Guido Appenzeller, Chief Technology Strategy Officer of Networking and Security at VMware, this section Q&A saw a bright group of mega-cloud experts answer the audience’s pressing questions about any and all things cloud-related.
  • The Rise of Programmable Networks – Brenden Blanco, Staff Engineer at VMware, takes a look at how networking development has evolved over the past 10 years, moving from once-a-year product releases to continuous open source development.

Bruce Davie at future:net

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