If you’ve been working in IT for the past few years, you know how much the security landscape has changed recently. Application infrastructures — once hosted in on-premises data centers — now sit in highly dynamic public and private multicloud environments. With the rise of mobile devices, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, and Internet of Things (IoT), end-user environments are no longer primarily about corporately managed desktops. And attackers are growing more sophisticated by the day.

In such an atmosphere, traditional network perimeter security ceases to provide adequate protection.

That’s where the VMware solutions come in. At the heart of the solutions is a ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure and endpoints that’s independent of the underlying physical infrastructure or location. To really understand how it works, you need to experience it for yourself. And the Transform Security track at vForum Online Fall 2017 on October 18th is the perfect opportunity. As our largest virtual conference, vForum Online gives IT professionals like yourself the chance to take a deep dive into VMware products with breakout sessions, chats with experts, and hands-on labs — all from the comfort of your own desk.

With this free half-day event just weeks away, it’s time to give you a sneak peek of the Transform Security track. Here are five reasons that make this track a must-attend for any IT professional:

1. Provide Security Everywhere, from the Mobile Device into the Data Center

Data breaches are expensive. Period. As attackers become more sophisticated and easy-to-use attacker toolkits allow even novices to profit from cybercrime, companies need pervasive protection. Security must reach beyond the perimeter to provide defense everywhere — from the mobile device into the data center.

In the “How VMware Is Transforming IT Security” breakout session, we’ll walk you through how VMware products — including VMware Workspace ONETM, VMware AirWatch®, VMware Horizon®, VMware NSX®, AppDefense, VMware vSphere®, VMware vSANTM, and vRNI — help IT offer protection at all levels of the business.

2. Get to Know Security with Micro-Segmentation and VMware NSX

You’ve likely heard of micro-segmentation, but what is it really? How does it bolster security, and where can it be applied?

In our “Introduction To VMware NSX & AppDefense For Security,” we’ll introduce you to the concept of micro-segmentation. We’ll walk you through various applications of micro-segmentation and real examples of how customers use NSX to better secure their environments. We will also take a closer look at VMware’s newest security solution AppDefense. AppDefense allows organizations to create least privilege environments around their applications running in virtualized or cloud systems.

During the “Automate Your Security Using Micro-segmentation And Third-Party Integrations With NSX” session, we’ll take a look at NSX Distributed Firewall and review use cases for micro-segmentation, such as Skype for Business, virtual desktop environment, SAP and ClearPass. We’ll also review the NSX integration with advanced services, like McAfee and Palo Alto Networks.

3. Learn to Accelerate BYOD Security

The workforce has grown increasingly centered on BYOD over the last few years, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. In our breakout session “Use NSX To Enhance Security Across Your Digital Workspace With Workspace ONE, Horizon And AirWatch” we’ll talk about how NSX has extended micro-segmentation to identity management, enterprise mobility management (EMM), and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) through integrations with Workspace ONE, VMware Horizon®, and AirWatch®. We’ll also cover how these integrations enhance protection and smarter security for BYOD and VDI deployments.

4. Chat with the Experts

Want to learn more about how VMware transforms security? Dying to get your micro-segmentation questions answered? Want to know what AppDefense is all about? Or just want to get into the nitty-gritty details of NSX? Then our “Chat with Experts” sessions will be right up your alley.

Hosted by VMware pros, these sessions are your chance to comment and talk through issues live.

5. Hands-On Labs for vSphere 6.5 Security Features and NSX

There’s nothing quite like experiential learning. That’s why vForum Online is once again offering hands-on labs. During these labs, you’ll receive an overview of how to get started with NSX and get familiar with the newest vSphere 6.5 security features including VM Encryption, Audit Quality Logging, Encrypted vMotion, and Key. You’ll also get an introduction to distributed firewall and micro-segmentation with NSX.


Don’t miss this chance to join us as we tackle today’s top security issues and solutions. Register for vForum Online Fall 2017 today.