VMware NSX is a network virtualization and security platform for the enterprise that is helping our customers make the transition to the digital era.  As developers embrace new technologies like containers, and the percentage of workloads running in public clouds increases, network virtualization must expand to offer a full range of networking and security services, natively, in these environments.

Today, we are announcing the next version of NSX-T that can provide network virtualization for a multi-cloud and multi-hypervisor environment. The NSX technology that you are familiar with and use it for so many years is now be available for cloud and container environments. Circa VMworld 2016, we showed a prototype of NSX that can provide network virtualization and micro-segmentation for native AWS workloads. That journey is now complete and the initial availability of that service for some customers is already available for their AWS workloads.

NSX can now provide seamless network virtualization for workloads running on either VMs or Containers. VMs can be located either on-prem or on AWS. NSX will provide the entire feature set for either Vmware vSphere Hypervisors or KVM hypervisors. For native workloads on AWS, NSX will provide VMware NSX Secure Cloud to provide the same security and network virtualization that you would receive on your private cloud.

NSX-T as a platform has been purpose-built to be ready for Infrastructure-As -A – Service (IAAS) providers to provide self-service functionality to their users. Additionally, deploying it for on premise infrastructure can enable you to provide a self-service model. NSX-T is also built for Developer Ready infrastructure. It can automatically integrate with Kubernetes and Redhat Openshift (Platform-As-A-Service) PAAS model providing the much-needed network policy.

NSX-T contains both configurations and operational information built in. The operational state of the data center that is NSX enabled – whether in private cloud or public cloud – is available at the console. Based on our deployment experiences from the past – various parts of NSX-T has been optimized for east-west traffic between your applications.

In VMworld 2017, we will be providing an in-depth review of NSX-T architecture via breakout sessions, Hands on Labs to play with NSX-T  for both VMs and Containers. Please do attend those sessions and provide feedback to us on what you like and what features would you like us to incorporate in the future.

NET 1510BU: Introduction to NSX-T

  • Speaker: Andrew Voltmer, Dimitri Desmidt
  • Andrew and Dimitri will provide details on NSX-T platform and its capabilities across various environments.

NET1836BU: NSX-T Advanced Architecture Concepts

  • Speaker: Francois Tallet
  • So you know about NSX for vSphere and are wondering what NSX-T platform is like, well you can come hear Francois walk us through the architecture and components of NSX-T.

NET1522BU: Kubernetes Networking with NSX-T Deep Dive

  • Speakers: Yves Fauser, Yasen Simenov
  • This session will cover the new and upcoming NSX-T and container networking integration with K8’s. The speakers (Yves and Yasen) will show you how this integration will work and the benefits of the NSX-T for next-gen apps.

Hands on Labs :

  • HOL-1826-01-NET : This HOL will cover NSX-T support for virtual machines for vSphere and KVM hypervisors
  • HOL-1826-02-NET : This HOL will cover NSX-T and container networking integration with Kubernetes


These are just a handful of the catalog of NSX sessions at VMworld. You can search the session catalog here for more and pick your session of interest. Post-VMworld, we will be doing more detailed blog posts on NSX-T and its various functional capabilities.