Hopefully, you have heard the news today! We couldn’t be more excited to announce the general availability of VMware AppDefense, our new security solution. AppDefense bolsters the micro-segmentations threat prevention capabilities delivered by NSX with data center endpoint threat detection and response. It’s no secret that organizations are spending more money than ever on security. It’s also no surprise that the only thing outpacing security spend are the losses due to security breaches. At VMware, we believe the struggle organizations face in gaining the upper-hand in this battle is due to a foundational architectural gap that creates misalignment between the infrastructure where security is applied and the applications that security is designed to protect.

NSX was the first step toward re-aligning network security policy with applications by leveraging the virtualization layer to enable micro-segmentation, as well as enhance the posture of other security solutions through integrations and features like service insertion and guest introspection. But applications are made up of both networks and data center endpoints like VMs. AppDefense is the other half of the puzzle. Whereas NSX prevents threats from moving freely throughout the network, AppDefense detects anything that does make it to an endpoint and can automatically trigger responses using through integration with NSX and vSphere. Prevent, detect, respond.

If you’re interested in taking a peek under the hood of AppDefense, check out this video, or take a look at the AppDefense website.