VMware NSX 6.3 for vSphere has achieved Common Criteria certification at the Evaluation Assurance  Level (EAL) 2+ (view the certification report)(view the press release). This marks yet another milestone of our commitment to providing industry leading certified solutions for customers from federal departments and agencies, international governments and agencies, and other highly regulated industries and sectors. Along with FIPS, DISA-STIG, ICSA Labs firewall certification, and several other independent evaluations, the Common Criteria compliance accreditation validates NSX as a reliable network virtualization platform that satisfies stringent government security standards.

Common Criteria is an international set of guidelines (ISO-15408) that provides a methodology framework for evaluating security features and capabilities of Information Technology (IT) security products. It is mutually recognized by 26 member nations.

Regulatory compliance is one of the challenges faced by government IT departments in their efforts to modernize legacy systems, and Common Criteria is often required for procurement sales. The Common Criteria accreditation affirms that NSX for vSphere complies with the security requirements specified within the designated level and simplifies the introduction of NSX into government and highly regulated environments. NSX enables customers in the public sector to implement network virtualization to reduce cyber-threats, improve operational efficiency and reduce disaster recovery time.

The following deployment scenario was evaluated for Common Criteria certification:


By awarding a Common Criteria certificate, the Certification Body asserts that the product satisfies the security requirements specified in the associated Security Target.

To run a Common Criteria-compliant NSX installation requires a specific NSX configuration. The steps are explained in Configuring NSX for Common Criteria.

Achieving Common Criteria certification demonstrates our commitments to serving customers from federal departments and agencies, international governments and agencies, and to other highly regulated industries and sectors. We continue to invest in certification efforts to ensure that NSX is the trustworthy network virtualization platform transforming security and addressing automation and application continuity.


All official VMware certifications are available at: http://www.vmware.com/security/certifications.

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