Being a product of the 90’s, one of my favorite past times was MTV’s “Unplugged” series. Whether it was Pearl Jam, or 10,000 Maniacs, or Eric Clapton, there was something about the acoustic, raw, uncut nature of the show that drew me in and made me look at my favorite bands in a new way.

This is much the same experience we had recently here at VMware, as the folks from Gestalt IT brought Networking Field Day’s traveling band of  IT enthusiasts to our Palo Alto campus. What ensued was 4+ hours of insight, illumination, witty banter, and from time to time, downright theoretical disagreements about things as simple as semantics and nomenclature.

But out of it all came a great show – which just like with MTV Unplugged – was ultimately all that mattered.  So grab your favorite beverage and snack, put on your stereophonic headgear, and listen to the VMware Team as they walk through VMware’s networking strategy, demos and product direction.

VMware NSX Vision and Product Overview with Milin Desai

VMware NSX Technology Overview with Ray Budavari

VMware NSX Automation with Ray Budavari

VMware Security with NSX Micro-Segmentation with Wade Holmes

VMware Day 2 Operations with vRealize Network Insight with Karl Fultz

VMware NSX in the Public Cloud with Amol Tipnis

VMware NSX for Multi-Site Environments with Humair Ahmed