What’s more likely to spawn change and innovation in networking? A highly-concentrated team working on a small project, or a multi-disciplinary team working on a massive project? Multiple small teams working on 100’s of projects around the globe, or one big massive team banking on a single idea? These questions and more are posed by Bruce Davie, the recently appointed CTO for Asia Pacific and Japan at VMware, and a long time contributor, collaborator, and friend of the Packet Pushers (Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks).

In a brand new Packet Pushers podcast, Bruce, Greg and Ethan take you along for an in-depth look at various networking approaches, and the changes in store for networking as a whole. Hear how networking will continue to evolve: namely, how distributed application architectures and other factors are driving big-time industry shifts. Every topic is fair game, and these networking stalwarts aren’t afraid of challenging status quo thought processes to uncover new theories. So, prepare yourself for a lively discussion and debate that transcends the present, and heads straight into the future of networking.

Listen to the podcast here!

For those who haven’t already hurried to plug in, here’s a preview of a couple topic areas covered:

Centralized networking. In this podcast, Dr. Davie details the fundamental advantages of centralized networking, and how such a system instills higher control levels and visibility than a decentralized network that involves a multitude of fragmented elements. Additionally, for the IT folks still cutting their teeth, he notes a centralized approach provides an easier way to manage IT needs from one consolidated access point.

Cloud talk. Another networking topic you’ve probably had top of mind is the battle among public, private and hybrid clouds. You may think you know the differences between each platform, but you might be surprised to hear Dr. Davie’s perspective on where this technology is headed, and what all this IT advancement mean for hardware services.

With the IT landscape rapidly shifting, exciting changes are ahead and no topic is off limits. So, enough teasing: listen in to the new podcast episode, and hear how your business can effectively prepare for, and take a giant step into, the future of networking.

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