Based on industry research and market assessments such as the most recent from Allied Market Research, we know software-defined networking is growing crazy fast and has a huge upside. The question is…is it maturing to the point the Federal Government will make it a priority?

I think the answer is YES, based on what Lt. Gen. Alan Lynn, director of the Defense Information Systems Agency has said publicly. And, it appears cyber-security is one of the biggest areas he sees SDN helping out. He explains how SDN can provide the ability to create networks on-demand and make them harder to attack.

In order to help Lt. General Lynn, we needed to get past an issue I like to call, “Barrier of Implementation”. The barrier is an approved DISA STIG for SDN. In order for federal agencies to implement a SDN solution it has to go through some sort of security accreditation. Most of all security accreditation rely on DISA STIGs for the checks and balances.

With our announcement yesterday, “VMware Receives STIG-Approval for VMware NSX to Operate on U.S. Department of Defense Networks from Defense Information Systems Agency,” VMware NSX network virtualization became the first software-defined networking solution to be validated with an approved STIG.”

NSX can now be implemented faster and in a more secure way for federal agencies while solving Lt. General Lynn’s want/need for SDN technology.

You can find NSX DISA STIGs at the bottom of this link.