Is VMware the first company that springs to mind when you think about securing your software-defined data center (SDDC)? It should be.

In this new light board series, learn about the unique capabilities that VMware NSX brings to your SDDC for securing your virtualized environment.

Start out with some context on why networking and security go hand-in hand with the Network Virtualization is Inevitable video. Then, move on to the NSX as a Security Platform video, to learn why VMware can offer security options not possible in tradition environments.

But how to install NSX in an environment? Check out Hadar Freehling’s Castle Security with VMware NSX video. Curious about why the firewall in NSX is special? Watch the VMware NSX Distributed Firewall video. And finally, secure a VDI environment with Hadar’s VMware NSX and VDI video.

As your SDDC evolves, stay up-to-date with NSX and how it can help secure your assets. Any burning questions on securing your virtualized environment you don’t see addressed in the videos, and want to see? Let us know; and don’t be surprised if you see it addressed in a future video.