King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology’s (KACST) Internet Services Unit (ISU) needed to build a reliable, secure, scalable Public Cloud service that is automated and on demand. It also needed to provide seamless operations for their customers, which includes all of the academic institutions and government organizations in Saudi Arabia. ISU was able to satisfy this requirement by deploying VMware NSX for network and security virtualization and VMware vRealize Automation to automate the service creation and delivery of personalized infrastructure and applications to its customers.

Khaleel K. Al-Jadaan, the Deputy Director and Network Operations Manager of KACST’s Internet Services Unit, says, “A complete and secure cloud service was the top priority. VMware has proved to be the trusted partner, time and time again, to provide compelling and reliable solutions.”

Now KACST’s customers can request new services and manage their existing workloads by accessing the datacenter directly and securely through an automated portal. They can self-provision computational and storage resources, with built-in network and security facilities. And when multi-tier applications are provisioned automatically, all the underlying networking and security are provisioned too. With VMware’s software infrastructure platform in place, ISU is positioned to develop new services rapidly, and start to meet their customers’ ever-changing needs.

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