Sometimes a webcast isn’t enough – that’s why when VMware brings an NSX seminar to your hometown, you say “yes.” VMware is kicking off the NSX Fundamentals Live U.S. tour, so register now to secure your spot in one of these seminars when it gets to your town.

VMware experts will start off with a business overview of NSX use cases and IT outcomes. Want to know about the future of the software-defined data center and what role network virtualization will play in helping you face new business challenges? Here’s your chance. Want to discover how to bring the operational model of a virtual machine to your data center network, so you can transform the economics of network and security operations? Again, now’s your chance.

Following this business overview, experts will walk you through an in-depth technical overview of NSX architecture and key components. After this session, you’ll fully understand how networking functions and services are implemented within the NSX platform, and how to analyze key workflows for configuring virtual network & security services.

Digital business transformation is creating new opportunities and risks for businesses across every industry. VMware NSX helps you overcome challenges, such as increased risk of data breaches, and meet business demands on IT to deliver applications and services faster by moving the data center network model to software. Don’t miss your chance to find out, in-person, how NSX can help secure your business.

Sign up for an NSX Fundamentals Live seminar in your town today!