As a networking professional, you know there’s only one certainty in today’s business landscape: change. As technology continues to grow and evolve, so has the way we operate and manage the network. Throughout most of the data center, hardware-centric infrastructure has been replaced with more agile, efficient, software-defined solutions. That’s a huge step forward—but the transformation won’t be complete until the network is virtualized, too.

Are you prepared to deliver and manage the network your business users need?

Virtualization Is Inevitable

Network virtualization opens the door to a whole new set of exciting possibilities. When you virtualize the network, you can create, provision, and manage networks in software, programmatically. That means your users’ services will be faster and more secure than ever. It also means your organization will save valuable time and money.

Go with the Flow—or Get Left Behind

You already know how to run a network. So why is getting certified in network virtualization so important? Because in this field, credibility is everything. Certification sets you apart. It demonstrates not only that you are knowledgeable, but also that you’re dedicated to moving your IT organization forward.

Earlier this year we talked to Fred Baker, a Senior Network Engineer, about why he chose to pursue certification. He told us, “It’s much easier to get a seat at a particular table if you have material demonstration that you know what you’re talking about, and understand what you’re being told. Anybody can say they’ve played with anything.”

No matter what role you play with the network—whether you’re an architect, administrator, or engineer—there is no better time than now to get certified.

You’ve Got Options

Getting certified is a big step. It’s important to earn your credentials from a source you can trust. As the industry leader in virtualized solutions, VMware offers a full range of certifications to help you prepare for the future.

VMware Network Virtualization Certifications Include:

  • VMware Certified Associate 6 — Network Virtualization (VCA6-NV): You’ll learn how to define technical requirements for network virtualization, describe network virtualization components and technologies, and identify common use cases and how they can be addressed.
  • VMware Certified Professional 6 — Network Virtualization (VCP6-NV): You’ll learn how to install, configure, and administer virtual networking implementations, regardless of the underlying physical architecture.
  • The VMware Certified Implementation Expert — Network Virtualization (VCIX-NV) Certification: You’ll learn how to install, configure, and administer virtual networking implementations in a demanding hands-on lab environment.
  • Step 4: VMware Certified Design Expert — Network Virtualization (VCDX-NV): You’ll validate your world-class server and network virtualization design skills, and become one of the first globally recognized enterprise-class Virtual Networking Solution Architects in the industry.

There’s a lot to learn. So what are you waiting for? Learn more here.

Read the eBook: Why Get Certified in Network Virtualization?

Change Begins Today

It’s time to give your network, your company, and your career a boost. Getting certified today will give you the opportunity to position yourself as the leader in the movement toward a software-defined tomorrow.