Shopping for cloud solutions used to mean choosing between performance, elasticity and security — you could get one, maybe two, but never all three. With the help of VMware NSX, Armor Active Cyber Defense has proven that you can achieve the highest level of cloud security while maintaining the high performance and elasticity you demand.

Join our webcast, Next-Generation Cloud Security with VMware NSX and Armor, on May 4 to explore how NSX enhances automation and flexibility.

Learn more about VMware NSX and the key components of the Armor Virtual Private Cloud, including Server, Network and Security Virtualization. VMware and Armor Experts will demonstrate how to architect an environment with fully integrated security that provides the performance and efficiency customers demand from the cloud.

As threat actors display more proficiency, speed and diligence, cloud security is more important than ever. Here’s your chance to explore how VMware NSX can deliver secure cloud environments to you and your customers.

Sign up for our May 4 webcast today and explore the transformative security and automation benefits of VMware NSX.