The latest AirWatch update expands VMware NSX integration, uniting two great technologies to create the foundation of next-generation security.

You may already have heard of VMware Workspace ONE, the revamped new end-user computing solution we launched last month. Workspace ONE delivers a digital workspace that integrates device management, application delivery and identity management technologies into a single platform. This enables secure management and delivery of business critical resources to employees for corporate IT, and consumer simple access for end-users.

A core pillar of Workspace ONE is VMware AirWatch 8.3, our enterprise mobility management solution that’s updated to enable employee access to apps with a single tap from their mobile devices, and administrators to facilitate new workflows with unprecedented security. It’s all one more step in VMware’s larger project of bringing all its solutions together into one, consolidated, secure application interface that’s accessible across all endpoint devices. But consistent, sophisticated device-to-datacenter security has been difficult to achieve. So how did they do it?

With VMware NSX. An expanded integration between AirWatch-managed devices and the VMware NSX micro-segmented data center means users can customize their policies between data centers and devices directly from the AirWatch console. This helps not just to ensure secure application access, but also to reduce data breaches.

VMware hosted a webinar, “Next Generation Security with VMware NSX for AirWatch,” on March 15, 2016—but you can watch it right now. Register here to get an in-depth look at AirWatch 8.3’s new capabilities, and learn how VMware NSX extends security for AirWatch beyond the digital workspace, into the data center.

At the end of the day, by further bringing together VMware NSX and AirWatch, VMware has continued to unite two great technologies, which together are becoming the foundation of next-generation security.