It’s no secret that by transforming networking into a software industry, network virtualization has accelerated innovation. But what does virtualization mean for security more broadly? Can virtualization be a key weapon in the arsenal for improving IT security? If so, how?

At this year’s RSA Conference, VMware’s chief technology strategy officer for networking Guido Appenzeller, and VMware’s head of security products Tom Corn will discuss just that. You can join Tom and Guido Monday, February 29 for a discussion about network virtualization, and its integral role in the future of security.

Their wide-ranging discussion will cover all the essential topics around security and network virtualization: how compute virtualization via the hypervisor closes the security gap for containers in the data center, for example. And how network virtualization can be a pathway to securing workloads both within and across the private data center and multiple public clouds, regardless of whether these are VM-based or container based apps.

The fact is, virtualization is no longer something that should be viewed as a technology that needs to be secured. Rather, virtualization as a whole should be looked at as an opportunity to make our IT environments more secure, by building security controls directly into the fabric of the infrastructure. Virtualization can also extend the value and improve the utility of many of the most popular security tools enterprises are already using today.

Exchange ideas, learn about the latest trends, and find new answers to your most pressing questions about network virtualization. Join Tom and Guido at Monday, February 29, for a two-part session about what network virtualization means for the future of security.

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