We are pleased to announce the first official video learning opportunity for VMware NSX
technology – VMware NSX Fundamentals LiveLesson from VMware Press. This video course will provide viewers the information needed to understand NSX concepts, components and deployment options. As an added benefit, this course used the most recently version (VMware NSX 6.2) at its foundation to make sure you have the most current materials available for your reference. As it is based on NSX 6.2, the breadth of new features available are covered in detail including multi-vCenter, enhanced NSX operations tools, NSX automation and more!

The course is led by three engineers with over 50 combined years of network and security practice and a global perspective. All three have been customers at one point in their career and are can relate to the challenges faced in running a production environment. They also are familiar and comfortable with public speaking and have addressed scores of people in sessions large and small.

The framework for the course follows a logical progression for the viewer getting their first exposure to NSX and taking a crawl, walk, run model to their learning experience. Additionally, each topic is presented in smaller sessions that allows viewers to focus on particular areas of interest or to provide a comprehensive understanding of NSX.  The LiveLessons are very approachable for viewers with either a network or virtualization background, and helps bridge understanding between the disciplines and evolve into a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) engineer.

We think you’ll enjoy and learn a lot from this course and we enjoyed preparing it for you! This course will also make a great companion to the upcoming VMware Press book we are working on titled VMware NSX 6.2 for vSphere Essentials: A Practical Guide to implementing network virtualization (ISBN-13: 978-0134513409) The book will be available in time for VMworld conferences in 2016!


Anthony Burke, Ron Fuller and Andreas la Quiante