VMware NSX network virtualization and vRealize Automation deliver a feature rich, dynamic integration that provides the capability to deploy applications along with network and security services at provisioning time while maintaining compliance with the required security and connectivity policies. This native integration highlights the value of NSX when combined with automation and self-service and shows how VMware brings together compute, storage, network and security virtualization to provide a comprehensive software-based solution.

Some of the key benefits of the NSX and vRealize Automation integration are:

  • NSX networking and security configuration directly within the vRealize Automation User Interface
  • Support for flexible network topologies
  • Application context for micro-segmentation
  • Extensibility for deployment specific configuration

By combining the comprehensive set of L2-L7 logical networking and security services provided by NSX, with the service catalog and resource management capabilities of vRealize Automation we can now enable repeatable, on-demand application delivery:

NSX+vRealize Automation1


VMware NSX micro-segmentation provides security policy independent of the underlying physical infrastructure. This enables the integration to support flexible topologies (multi-tier, single-tier, shared networks) to meet any application or security requirements using a combination of native NSX services and our partner ecosystem:

NSX+vRealize Automation2

In addition network profiles are configured directly within vRealize Automation then provisioned on NSX to support Routed, NAT and Private network configurations based on whether Unique, Overlapping, Isolated or Existing network ranges are used:

NSX+vRealize Automation3


As NSX resources are first class objects in vRealize Automation, after initial setup they are automatically discovered and can be configured in Reservations and Multi-Machine Blueprints. This includes services such as load balancing, DHCP and policy-based security:

NSX+vRealize Automation4


And new with vRealize Automation 7.0, all this functionality can be consumed through a drag and drop Canvas in the Converged Blueprint Designer allowing you to visualize the topology as it is being created:

NSX+vRealize Automation5


Also by utilizing vRealize Orchestrator, it is possible to leverage extensibility to meet environment or deployment specific requirements. By inserting workflows within the provisioning lifecycle or as Day 2 operations, this augments rather than replaces any functionality in the native NSX integration. This significantly reduces the amount of customization required and time to deployment for the integrated solution.

This level of flexibility and deep integration is only available with the combination of NSX and vRealize Automation.

Additional references on NSX and vRealize automation are available in VMworld sessions:

  • MGT1969 vCloud Automation Center and NSX Integration Technical Deep Dive
  • NET5232 Enabling Automated Network & Security Services with NSX and vRealize Automation

You can also gain experience with the NSX and vRA integration yourself using VMware Hands on Labs – HOL-SDC-1624 VMware NSX and the vRealize Suite

Stay tuned for further posts on NSX and vRealize Automation which will cover the following topics in more detail:

  • Using Network Profiles
  • Automating Micro-segmentation
  • Utilizing Extensibility