VMware NSX has been around for more than two years now, and in that time software-defined networking and network virtualization have become
inextricably integrated into modern data center architecture. It seems like an inconceivable amount of progress has been made. But the reality is that we’re only at the beginning of this journey.

The transformation of networking from a hardware industry into a software industry is having a profound impact on services, security, and IT organizations around the world, according to VMware’s Chief Technology Strategy Officer for Networking, Guido Appenzeller.

“I’ve never seen growth like what we’ve found with NSX,” he says. “Networking is going through a huge transition.”

In this video, Guido offers up a Tech Preview of how VMware NSX could be used in Amazon Web Services, which will have major implications for the hybrid cloud, including unprecedented flexibility for network and security administrators. He also illustrates the potential for NSX to provide fine-grained micro-segmentation to containers, offering a level of security not possible today with this emerging technology, and how NSX can be used to interconnect multiple disparate public, private and managed clouds across multiple continents.

The NSX of today is a unified communications platform that connects all the different endpoints in the data center. What will the NSX of tomorrow be? Watch the video to discover how software-defined networking has changed over time, and get a glimpse into how networking will continue to evolve long into the future.