The basis of competition has shifted from individual products and technologies to platforms,

Best-In-Class Partners

Best-In-Class Partners

but with everyone aspiring to be a platform the bar is set high. A platform must be a value-creation entity, underpinned by a robust architecture that includes a set of well-integrated software artifacts and programming interfaces to enable reuse and extensibility by third parties. Platforms must support an ecosystem that can function in a unified way, foster interactions among its members and orchestrate its network of partners. And finally, platforms must adhere to the network effect theory which asserts that the value of a platform to a user increases as more users subscribe to it, in effect, creating a positive feedback loop.

The VMware NSX network virtualization platform meets this criteria resoundingly. NSX is specifically designed to provide a foundation for a high-value, differentiated ecosystem of partners that includes some of the networking industry’s most significant players.  The NSX platform leverages multi-layered network abstractions, an extensible and distributed service framework with multiple entry points, and transparent insertion and orchestration of partner services. What distinguishes NSX from other platforms is its inherent security constructs which partner solutions inherit, and a context sharing and synchronization capability that allows partners to fine-tune the delivery of their services on the NSX platform inside the data center in a closed feedback loop.

As software-defined data center adoption gains momentum, NSX attracts more users and more partners with innovative solutions. The classic flywheel effect. The NSX platform broadens the market by enabling adjacent solutions.  By allowing partners to share actionable network intelligence in an orchestrated service chain NSX goes a step further. It enables multiple interactions between NSX partners adding even more value to customers who have rich options for best-of-breed solutions as well as vendor products working together without the need for backend integration.

NSX partners including industry leaders, established companies and emerging innovators represent a wide cross-section of services across network security, visibility and operations, application delivery and cross-environment connectivity. Partners leverage NSX for several reasons:

  • IT enables customers to incorporate and extend their existing investments inside the data center
  • It allows them to deliver to their customers the same technology brand benefits inside the data center that they already provide at the perimeter of the data center
  • It fully automates the provisioning and orchestration of their services inside the data center so that their existing products can be transparently extended to SDDC environments
  • It de-risks customer adoption of cutting edge solutions.

Whatever the reason, customers have a rich portfolio of services to choose from.

In this blog we are pleased to feature some of our NSX ecosystem partners who help us to deliver additional value to customers.