Next week in Hong Kong, the VMware team will have a major presence at the OpenStack Summit, and we have an ever-growing presence on the agenda of speaking sessions and demos. As we did with the Portland show, he is a show planner with a schedule of all the VMware sessions. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect (and experience) at the show.

Tuesday, November 5

12:05pm – Navigating the Transition to Network Virtualization

12:05pm – Marriage of Openstack with KVM and ESX at PayPal

2:50pm – User Panel: How Did You Bring OpenStack Cloud to Your Company

3:40pm – Bridging the Gap: Explaining OpenStack to VMware Administrators

Wednesday, November 6

11:15am – OpenStack + VMware: Customer Success Stories and What’s Next

2:00pm – OpenStack Private Cloud at eBay

2:00pm – Panel: The Future of Networking in the Cloud

3:40pm – Bringing Private Cloud to Australia, OpenStack on VMware

5:30pm – Under the Hood: Network Virtualization with OpenStack Neutron and VMware NSX

Thursday, November 7

9:00am – VMware and OpenStack: Bridging the Divide Using Ubuntu and Juju

9:50am – Differentiated Services == Differentiated Scheduling

2:40pm – Open vSwitch Deep Dive: The Virtual Switch for OpenStack

3:30pm – Bridging the Gap: Cinder and vSphere 

5:20pm – How to Write a Neutron Plugin, If You Really Need to

Friday, November 8

11:00am – Hands-on with OpenStack + vSphere

1:30pm – OpenStack Networking Hands-on Lab

See you at the show.

The OpenStack Team!