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Schooner Tuna Sympathizes with Cloud Chaos and Drops the Price of Tuna Again

Suppose Schooner Tuna was not a fictional company from the hit movie Mr. Mom (1983). If that were the case, our research shows they would likely have cloud-native applications today and use multiple cloud providers. President Howard Humphries may have a new crisis: “How do I get my new tuna app online and ship my tuna without downtime?”

The ad agency provided a simple solution to Schooner Tuna in 1983. But, in today’s world, modernizing your data center and your applications, while working with multiple cloud providers, can put you on a path to cloud chaos. VMware Cross-Cloud Services has recorded a lightboard (only 12 minutes) showing how to avoid cloud chaos and achieve cloud smart.

After achieving cloud smart, President Humphries’ Platform Engineering and Cloud Operation teams would say, “Sir, the app is online and working great. We still have tuna with a heart!”

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