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Multi-Cloud Expedition Livestream: Increasing Developer Velocity

Developers drive revenue and cost-reduction through the apps they build – but in today’s multi-cloud world, software development processes are siloed in each cloud, slowing down the path to production. 

How can you address these challenges, and others like it in the multi-cloud universe? Join us on the Multi-Cloud Expedition – a Livestream series airing on LinkedIn every month leading up to VMware Explore 2023. On the Multi-Cloud Expedition, we’re bringing together experts from across VMware to discuss and demo solutions to the most pressing multi-cloud challenges today.  

In the first of the series, we’re focusing on Developer Velocity. We’ll discuss and show how you as an IT leader can increase developer velocity, and as a practitioner, use multi-cloud services to abstract the isolated infrastructure tasks in each cloud, so developers can focus on building apps with any cloud resource they need, faster than ever.  

Host Alexander Romero, Senior Director of Cross-Cloud Services at VMware will lead the discussion, covering these topic areas: 

  1. Application onboarding with enterprise guardrails 
  2. Golden paths to production 
  3. Security shifting left 
  4. People and process elements to developer success  

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Multi-Cloud Expedition Linkedin Live

Multi-Cloud Expedition Episode 1 – Increasing Developer Velocity Recap

Recording available on Linked In. Or YouTube with chapter segment details:

  • 0:00 – Start
  • 0:54 – Level set – What is multi-cloud and the Multi-Cloud Expedition?
  • 2:22 – Today’s focus – accelerating application development.
  • 2:50 – SME intro: Deb Schum, VMware Senior Client Exec
  • 3:25 – SME intro: Chris DeLashmutt, VMware Principal Solutions Engineer
  • 3:56 – New challenges with developing in the multi-cloud: Where to start?
  • 4:44 – Why companies are modernizing apps. Competitive threads, application issues, innovation and more are slowing the ability to innovate and get applications released.
  • 5:44 – Tanzu Labs can help with application modernization through personnel resources, training and experience identifying the best applications targets, pairing Tanzu Lab personnel with a company’s existing resources.
  • 7:06 – How Tanzu Labs helped one VMware client get a crucial customer facing application released in 6 months and benefits seen.
  • 9:38 – Tanzu Labs helps with scoping and process setup to get away from analysis paralysis pairing product managers with staff to solidify success.
  • 11:47 – Getting Apps out the door faster in a multi-cloud environment by getting developers up to speed faster.
  • 13:12 – Starting a development project: looking for patterns and leveraging existing knowledge through tools like in GitHub.
  • 14:50 – Challenge for developers getting access to the right infrastructure is amplified with multiple clouds.
  • 16:42 – DemoTanzu Application Platform Accelerators – Rapidly deploying apps leveraging existing applications in a catalog and doing live updates in the IDE.
  • 19:51 – Leveraging pre-configured code and optimizing code iteration, even with localized and customized settings with Tanzu Application Platform Accelerators.
  • 22:04 – Path to production developer experience without manual steps like opening tickets and waiting on individuals to progress the development cycle.
  • 23:00 – DemoTanzu Application Platform path to production: Same supply chain used to develop the code is followed to get the app to production.
  • 24:39 – Simple contract with developers including best practices built in so developers only have to provide app specific details, no matter which cloud will be used.
  • 26:36 – MySQL example: Developer only calls out needing a MySQL database, they don’t worry where it will be deployed and if it’s dev or production. Focus just on their code.
  • 28:20 – Productizing the path to production through development of platform engineering and platform operations teams. Alleviating the need for developers to know security and more.
  • 29:18 – Path to production has many components including security being moved earlier in the cycle avoiding delays in deployment by finding potential issues during development vs trying to release to production.
  • 30:00 – Demo – Test code, scan code, build & sign a container image, scan the image, apply standard configs, and deploy the app to a Kubernetes cluster.
  • 34:06 – Developers and Platform Operators benefit from automating a managed security posture – a software build of materials.
  • 35:45 – Developers do not have to study and know every CVE or do patch management. Trusted base image as well as monitoring for patches and automated CVE updates.
  • 37:32 – Calls for automation can be met by Tanzu Application Platform providing CI/CD. A configurable supply chain.
  • 40:16 – Thank you to demo writers Ryan Baker & Aaron Torgerson.
  • 40:38 – Q&A from the audience – Build vs Buy decision of a developer platform: Pros and cons.
  • 44:51 – Q&A – How can Tanzu Application Platform and this supply chain approach help lower costs?
  • 49:17 – Q&A – How VMware customers are benefiting from open source with Tanzu. (
  • 52:07 – Wrap up

The Multi-Cloud Expedition Livestream Series Continues 

Monthly from February to Explore US this year, we’re gearing up for a new edition of the Multi-Cloud Expedition. Wondering what’s next? Here’s what we’re planning (subject to change): 


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