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VMware Aria Automation(formerly vRealize Automation)February 8.11.1 Release

Happy Lunar Rabbit New Year!

With this new year, here comes the February release of VMware Aria Automation.

We have some exciting new features to share, including Customized Notification in Service Broker and CPU/Storage capacity enhancements. Also, we continue providing more capabilities for GCP in the multi-cloud universe, such as provisioning GCP TCP load Balancer and performing day 2 actions, in addition to provisioning GCP Storage bucket resources.

Customized notifications in Service Broker:

Starting with the most exciting new feature of this release. Now, customers can customize the look and feel of the notification emails sent out from VMware Aria Automation Service Broker. The email header and footer can be changed to the organization’s branding requirements across all notification templates. For each notification scenario, users can now edit the email’s body text and utilize dynamic attributes of deployments in the text. With this feature, customers can better communicate within their organizations in a more customized way.

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VMware Aria Automation February (8.11.1) – Customized Email Notifications 

Capacity management enhancements:

During the provisioning process, properties are checked for placement; users can now specify the maximum CPU allocation percent globally and per host/cluster. This feature will prevent CPU overallocation in the host/cluster.

Similar to the storage limits, users can now specify the maximum storage allocation at the datastore level for all managed disks to prevent storage overallocation. With these two features, users can manage their IT resource and cost more efficiently!

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VMware Aria Automation February (8.11.1) – Capacity Management Enhancements

More capabilities around GCP:

Provision GCP TCP Load Balancers and perform Day 2 actions:

We continue to add more Native Public Cloud capabilities following the January release. Customers can now provision Google Compute Engine TCP Load Balancers, modify their properties, and set up health checks for the load balancers from VMware Aria Automation. Users can balance their workloads and utilize the resource more effectively.

Provision GCP storage bucket resources:

VMware Aria Automation also supports GCP storage buckets. This includes the creation of multi-regional/dual-regional buckets, restricted public access, and encryption support. This feature allows users to create and manage their storage buckets in a more quick and easy way.

Learn More:

How to create and manage Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Storage Buckets

SaltStack Day2 Action Enhancements:

Last but not least, we provide an enhancement to the SaltStack Day2 Actions. Customers have the ability to configure directly from SaltStack Resource in the Cloud Template; in addition, they can use additional salt parameters to Day2 Action from native SaltStack Resource in Cloud Assembly templates.

Learn More:

Getting Started with SaltStack Config – Working with the SaltStack Config Resource in VMware Aria Automation

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