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Cloud Consumption Interface “CCI” with VMware Aria Automation Free Tier and vSphere+ Subscription

With the launch of Aria Automation Oct 2022 ( Formerly vRealize Automation Cloud); we announced the initial Availability (IA) of Cloud Consumption Interface (CCI for short) capability within Aria Automation Consumption ( Formerly VMware Service Broker ) and included as part of vSphere+ subscription.

Check the Announcement blog Here and a technical blog Here if you missed it .

CCI is a joint project between vSphere+ and Aria Automation teams bringing the best of both worlds together, enabling developers to rapidly create and consume cloud-native and traditional IT infrastructure resources, powered by Aria Automation.

This will help accelerate time to value for developers and implement a VMware Cloud DevOps Experience with governance and control, using Kubernetes CLI (kubectl), API or User Interface.

CCI is one of the key features of vSphere+ subscription, where you can easily activate “Developer Experience” from the VMware Cloud Console on top of vSphere based clouds.

Once its activated, it will automatically discovers the supervisors and traditional vSphere clusters; that vSphere Admins can enable a select Users and/or Groups for a developer self-service.

Watch how vSphere Admins can quickly setup a self-service infrastructure using vSphere+, Allowing developers consumption and management with governance and control in a few clicks.

More importantly you will see how Developers can use the Kubernetes CLI (Kubectl) for a true developer experience to provision virtual machines using Kubernetes on top of your supervisors, enabled with vSphere with Tanzu.

Cloud Consumption Interface Overview

Also check and keep an eye on CCI Video Series as we continue to add content and go through all the necessary requirements needed to connect your VMware cloud vCenters to vSphere+ Cloud Service allowing customers to activate the Developer Experience that will activate VMware Aria Automation free tier, and setup all the necessary building blocks needed to configure, manage and use the Cloud Consumption Interface capability.

Cloud Consumption Interface Video Series


We’re excited to offer Cloud Consumption Interface as part of vSphere+ and VMware Aria Automation. This is a cloud experience built with modern application development, self-service access for users, administrative governance, and vSphere application availability all designed in from the start.

If you are interested to learn more or try it yourself, please reach out to CCI@vmware.com or your VMware account team.

Until next time, happy Developer Experience!

For more info or questions on this, reach out to Maher on Twitter


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