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Cloud Guardrails – Desired state scheduled enforcement, drift visibility, and more…

The vRA Cloud Guardrails team in the July 2022 Release has introduced a large set of new core functionality that builds out the product story. Cloud Guardrails has evolved greatly over the last month, and we believe it is now the perfect time for customer to start testing this against your use-cases.

Exploring the new features:

Cloud Visibility 

  • The first iteration of Cloud Visibility has launched, supporting AWS OU and Member Accounts with information around project assignment, desired states enforced, and drifts detected.

AWS Member Account View

  • A timeline of drifts and the idem state the drift is associated with before and after are now shown when clicking into the details page of an AWS Member Account.
  • Desired States are now shown in the context of a AWS Member Account and project, easily giving admins an understanding of what is being enforced on any given Member Account.

Enforcement Scheduling

  • Desired State Enforcements can now be scheduled at standard intervals using the Schedules sidebar to ensure continuous and constant compliance.

Account Discovery Scheduling

  • Discovery schedules can now be scheduled at standard intervals by Cloud Guardrails administrators. This feature allows for a constant refresh on the cloud inventory, and is intended to be used on high privilege / root credentials for complete inventory discovery.

Account Profiles

  • Cloud Guardrails has decoupled from the Cloud Accounts service in Cloud Assembly, and has introduced Account Profiles to collect public cloud credentials.
  • Supported Credentials: AWS, Azure, SaltStack Sec Ops, Secure State, TMC

Content Library Clean-Up

  • Cloud Guardrails has standardized the names of templates in our library to ensure items are easy to find and quickly identify.

Native Project Management

  • While Cloud Guardrails still uses the same Project construct as the rest of vRA, we’ve created a slim system to allow the creation and management of projects within Guardrails that hides Cloud Assembly specific controls.

To learn more about vRA Cloud Guardrails :

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