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Announcing General Availability of VMware vRealize Automation 8.7

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To embrace the digital transformation, businesses need technology that adapts and scales rapidly, reliably, and cost-effectively. Applications are more important than ever, progressively serving as how organizations engage with customers. As a result, enterprises require more agility and speed throughout their digital processes, including the workflows involved in the designing, deployment, and management of applications.

Today we are announcing VMware vRealize Automation 8.7, the latest release of VMware’s powerful and easy-to-use infrastructure automation platform. With a modern infrastructure automation solution, customers can help reduce overall application development cost, complexity, time to market, and optimize operations across a multi-cloud environment. The result? IT efficiency, security and agility that supports business revenue growth.

Key vRealize Automation 8.7 capabilities and enhancements include:

  • SaltStack and CarbonBlack integration. Enable VMware customers to combine intelligent vulnerability insight from Carbon Black Cloud Workload with the powerful IT automation from vRealize Automation SaltStack SecOps. By integrating these technologies, security and IT teams can bridge the gap between security and IT workflows and deliver the last mile of security remediation through a unified, automated solution.
  • On-demand workload clusters on vSphere with Tanzu. Empower DevOps teams to request vSphere with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKGs) clusters in a self-service fashion, either via VMware Cloud Templates, or via the vRealize Automation Service Broker self-service catalog interface. Following this enhancement, users can create TKGs clusters to extend the automated provisioning and management services of TKGs across their vSphere environment.
  • Deployment limit policy enhancements. Allow cloud admins to define deployment limits and restrict CPU (Central Processing Unit) count, memory, and VM (Virtual Machine) count. These policies also enable cloud admins to define deployment resource limits and restrict CPU count and memory of specific resources within a larger deployment.
  • Resource Center enhancements. Enjoy a simplified view of discovered resources and day 2 actions on the Resources tab aimed at helping cloud admins and end users manage cloud resources across compute, storage, networking, and security. This release provides support for greenfield and brownfield customers throughout the cloud journey, regardless of their environment and structure, by enabling them to manage resources from all backgrounds.
  • Dynamic job inputs for SaltStack configurations. Help admins to make jobs more dynamic, avoiding sprawl and enable jobs to be executed as self-service. In addition, admins can choose to use the drop-down parameter list, without deep knowledge of the infrastructure, to complete tasks. This feature brings flexibility, reusability and expands the personas who consume the jobs.
  • Custom remediations for SaltStack SecOps. Discover remediation of unsupported vulnerabilities. With this release, customers will be able to associate custom remediations to unique vulnerabilities and use it for any future encounters.

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Furthermore, vRealize Automation Cloud is now available from India. This will allow companies in India and the wider South Asia to take advantage of all the SaaS goodness of vRealize Automation Cloud with local data hosting and minimal latency. This is the 9th region globally that hosts VMware’s flagship automation solution following US West, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Germany, and the UK. Find more information about hosting regions for all vRealize products in https://www.vmware.com/global-infrastructure.html

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