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Announcing VMware vRealize Network Insight Universal

We are excited that today customers now have VMware vRealize® Network Insight™ Universal available. This new solution will give customers the ability to deploy vRealize Network Insight Universal as a SaaS or provide the customer an option to start on-premises then move to SaaS later when they are ready. Customers today are always looking for ways to more simply manage their network infrastructure and moving to a SaaS based network monitoring solution is a key objective. vRealize Network Insight Universal is an easy to use  SaaS solution which helps customers use SaaS as a network monitoring and analytics solution by combining on-premises and SaaS capabilities into one license for a consistent hybrid and multi-cloud network management experience. There are many benefits to SaaS which includes easier deployment time as well as less to maintain. SaaS also allows the ability to focus on the business of network monitoring and all software upgrades and feature enhancements are automatically applied via SaaS which does not require manual upgrades which make the solution easier and less expensive overall to use than an on-premises solution. The vRealize Network Insight Universal subscription lengths are offered as 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5-year terms. The new licensing and delivery model allow organizations to move at their own pace, helping them enable SaaS network monitoring to become more agile, scalable, and flexible.

New Features

Capability to deploy from on-premises to SaaS with one license

Network Federated Analytics for a dashboard to view all instances

SaaS based licensing tracking with vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager

vRealize Network Insight Universal is available as a new SKU to customers starting with release vRealize Network Insight 6.5. vRealize Network Insight Universal gives customers the ability to monitor their network infrastructure and analytics which includes VMware ecosystem such as NSX, NSX Advanced Load Balancer, vCenter/vSphere, VMware SD-WAN, as well as 3rd party. vRealize Network Insight Universal also leverages machine learning to perform application discovery to help in cloud migrations. vRealize Network Insight Cloud allows visibility of the various clouds such as native public AWS or Azure, plus the various VMware Clouds such as VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, as well as 3rd party infrastructure such as load balancers, firewalls, routers, switches, and more.

Figure 1. vRealize Network Insight Universal dashboard that shows federation across all deployed instances across vCenter, AWS, NSX, VMware Cloud, AVS, GCVE, VMware SD-WAN, 3rd party physical devices, and more.

Federated Network Analytics

vRealize Network Insight Universal offers new capabilities that are only in this solution such as Federated Network Analytics. This new federation capability can look at all of a customer’s instances of vRealize Network Insight Universal whether on-premises or SaaS in a single dashboard.  For federation, customers will chose a primary SaaS instance from vRealize Network Insight Universal licensing then peer their other vRealize Network Insight Universal instances to the primary instance via an encrypted connection. For on-premises vRealize Network Insight Universal instances that join the federation dashboard, they need to be an -XL size instance. The federation dashboard will allow users to view all their alerts, key items added or deleted in the past 24 hours, the ability to view environment health, as well as the traffic behavior across their environments. Previous deployments of on-premises as well as vRealize Network Insight Cloud (SaaS) that are not part of vRealize Network Insight Universal are not able to be federated without first updating licenses to vRealize Network Insight Universal. The federated dashboard will also allow users to toggle between a map view versus a list view as well as see a visual map of where all their instances are located. Federation will allow the user to then cross launch their various peer instances as needed to troubleshoot further. This capability allows the ability to give specific users the ability to see the entire network infrastructure licensed via vRealize Network Insight Universal via this new federated dashboard.

SaaS Global Map

Figure 2. vRealize Network Insight Universal is available as a SaaS in multiple global locations.

SaaS Based License Subscription Tracking

vRealize Network Universal customers will use vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager to help simplify their licensing. Using the simplified SaaS based licensing will be required to track subscription activation to maintain license compliance and tracking. Because SaaS offers so much simplicity, vRealize Network Insight Universal will be the primary way customers looking for SaaS today or SaaS in the future will deploy their network monitoring and analytics.

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