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VMware Cloud Management Conference Guide to VMworld 2021

With this VMware Cloud Management conference guide to VMworld 2021, you have a map to the newest innovations, latest announcements, inspirational industry experts – and to fun! Just imagine you have the flexibility to attend a premiere industry conference, to grow your knowledge and expertise, and to interact and exchange ideas with others worldwide on October 5-7, 2021. The VMware Cloud Management team can help you make this a reality. We welcome you to review this guide and register now at

General Passes are free, and the Tech+ Pass is $299, which allows extended access to Live and Semi-live sessions and events.

Plan your experience now by choosing the sessions for your interests and experience level.

Solution Keynote

Hear about the VMware strategy in this multi-cloud solution keynote presented by the VMware leadership team. This session is available to all passholders.

MCL3217, The VMware Multi Cloud Computing Infrastructure Strategy of 2021

Purnima Padmanabhan
Senior Vice President & General Manager,
Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware

Matt Morgan
Vice President, Cloud Services Product Marketing, VMware

Live Breakouts

Live 25-minute sessions offered by Zoom webinar and available to all pass holders.

  • MCL1114, What’s new in vRealize Cloud Management
    Taruna Gandhi, David Overbeek
  • MCL1277, A Big Update on vRealize Operations
    Matt Bradford, Peter Haagenson
  • MCL1247, Manage Public Cloud with CloudHealth and vRealize
    Tim George, Shrivatsa Upadhye

On-Demand Sessions

Pre-recorded on-demand breakout sessions are available to all passholders.

MCL1115 A Guide to the Cloud Operating Model
MCL1301 Introducing Project Ensemble Tech Preview
MCL2455 Why AI? Our Vision and Strategy for Managing Tomorrow’s Clouds
MCL1899 Accelerate Your VDI Management with vRealize Operations  
MCL1895 Managing Windows Workloads through vRealize Automation SaltStack Config
MCL1268 Delivering the Same Infrastructure To a Multi-Cloud Environment
MCL2448 vRealize Automation Now and Into the Future
MCL1347 vRealize Network Insight Overview and What’s New
MCL1264 A Guide to Application Migration Nirvana 
MCL1271 Advanced Troubleshooting with vRealize Operations Manager:  Your “Go-To” Guide
MCL1383 An Easy Way to Save on Capacity and Cost in your VMware Cloud
APP1842 DevSecOps for Infrastructure – Adopting DevOps Practices for vSphere Admins
MCL1934 Event-Driven Configuration Management Using vRealize Automation SaltStack Config
MCL1116 A to Z of vRealize Licensing and Packaging
MCL2019 What’s New: VMware Skyline Proactive Intelligence

Tech Tutorials

Scheduled and interactive technical level 200 deep-dive sessions of 60- to 90-minutes each. These sessions are only available to Tech+ Pass holders.

  • MCL1442, An End-to-End Demo of Operationalizing VMware Cloud Foundation with vRealize
    John Dias, Matt Just
  • MCL1263, An End-to-End Demo of Operationalizing VMware Hybrid Clouds with vRealize
    Brandon Gordon, Martijn Smit
  • MCL1439, An End-to-End Demo of Taming Public Clouds with CloudHealth and vRealize
    Tim George, Shrivatsa Upadhye, Francisco Hernandez
  • APP1586, An End-to-End Demo of Day 0 to Day 2 VMware Tanzu Management with vRealize
    Matt Bradford, Sam McGeown

Meet the Experts

Talk to some of VMware’s most acclaimed experts. A 15-minute lightning talk followed by 15-minutes of audio/video Q&A. Available to Tech+ Pass holders only.

  • MCL1241, Taking Your Multi-Cloud Financial Management to the Next Level
    Marie Burke, Michael Giacometti
  • MCL2449, Migrating to vRealize Automation 8.x
    Karl Fultz, Chris McClanahan
  • MCL1286, Troubleshooting with vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight
    Tim George, Sunny Dua
  • MCL1391, All Your Capacity and Costing Questions Answered
    Brandon Gordon
  • MCL1589, Kubernetes Monitoring Starting from Day 0
    Matt Bradford, Sam McGeown
  • MCL1272, A Discussion on vRealize Automation with AVS, GCVE, & OCVS Solutions
    Francisco Hernandez
  • MCL2478, Network Visibility and Analytics Simplified
    Martijn Smit, Matt Just
  • MCL2418, What’s New with VMware Skyline: Your Questions Answered
    Kelcey Lemon

Hands On Labs

Evaluate some of our top products and solutions in a live environment. Labs are available to all pass holders. Guided workshops are available to Tech+ Pass holders only.

  • HOL-2206-01-ISM, vRealize – Operationalizing your VMware Cloud Foundation Private Cloud
  • HOL-2206-02-ISM, vRealize – Operationalizing your VMware Cloud on AWS Hybrid Cloud
  • HOL-2206-03-ISM, vRealize – Operationalizing your Public Cloud
  • HOL-2206-04-ISM, vRealize – Operationalizing Kubernetes

Demo Zone Videos

See demos on some of our top products and services with walk throughs from our leading technical experts. These videos are available to Tech+ Pass holders only.

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Hybrid Cloud Management
    Dave Overbeek
  • An End-to-End Demo of Operationalizing VMware Cloud Foundation SDDCs with vRealize
    John Dias
  • An End-to-End Demo of Operationalizing Hybrid VMware Clouds with vRealize
    Brandon Gordon
  • An End-to-End Demo of Taming Public Clouds with CloudHealth and vRealize
    Tim George

Take Time for Fun

Join VMworld 2021 for games, entertainment, and surprise guests. Once you register, view the Engage tab of online activities for more details, including:

  • Activities including demos, design studio, tech talk, partners, and {code}
  • VMworld Challenge as you attend sessions and interact to qualify to win exclusive prizes
  • Entertainment Zone of mixologists, golf tips, cooking, and poker lessons

Register Now at

Join us for VMworld 2021, online around the globe, October 5-7, 2021. Register for the free General Pass, or consider the Tech+ Pass for more access.

Also, contact your VMware Account Team to schedule 1-1 customer and partner meetings with the VMware Cloud Management team to talk about the latest innovations and newest features.

This is your time to imagine a world where you have the flexibility to welcome any change – and take advantage of its opportunities. We look forward to engaging with you at VMworld 2021.



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