VMworld 2021 is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for some great demo-heavy sessions, then you’re going to love this! We have been hard at work building end-to-end demonstrations of how vRealize Cloud Management and CloudHealth by VMware can help you take control and manage your many clouds. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned vRealize suite user, or if you’re just curious about what it can do for you, these live sessions are a great way to see what we’re cooking up here at VMware.

Using real customer scenarios, these demonstrations tell the story of a fictional robotics firm called MOAD (short for Massachusetts Omni Automated Devices). Each session will be presented live and will take you on a journey of how MOAD implemented self-service and intelligent operations across a variety of clouds. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, you’ll have three opportunities to catch each of these sessions at VMworld this year.

Private Cloud Demo

This first session focuses on private clouds such as VMware Cloud Foundation or vSphere. You’ll see how MOAD transformed their virtualization platform into a fully managed cloud. From automated provisioning of mission critical applications to compliance policy enforcement and maintaining a performant and secure environment. This demo has it all! Check out the video below for a brief overview of this session.

VMworld Session #MCL1442 – An End-to-End Demo of Operationalizing VMware Cloud Foundation SDDCs with vRealize Presented by John Dias & Matt Just

Hybrid Cloud Demo

This next session follows MOAD on their journey from the private cloud to the hybrid-cloud. You’ll see how vRealize Network Insight can be used for network and firewall planning and how capacity requirements can be managed and reduced with vRealize Operations. There’s even a very clever way that vRealize Network Insight can be used to make the migration to hybrid-cloud easier through VMware HCX. All the while, MOAD is implementing consistent self-service on their new VMware Cloud with vRealize Automation.

VMworld Session #MCL1263 – An End-to-End Demo of Operationalizing Hybrid VMware Clouds with vRealize Presented by Martijn Smit & Francisco Hernandez

Public Cloud Demo

After a successful migration to the hybrid-cloud, MOAD looks to the public cloud to deploy their critical applications. You’ll see how they were able to make this pivot easily with vRealize Automation and how CloudHealth by VMware helped reduce their operating expenses. With their applications deployed, MOAD must ensure they are running securely with CloudHealth Secure State and vRealize Network Insight. We’ll also show you how vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight can provide valuable insights to manage performance and simplify troubleshooting.

VMworld Session #MCL1439 – An End-to-End Demo of Taming Public Clouds with CloudHealth and vRealize Presented by Tim George, Shrivatsa Upadhye, Francisco Hernandez, & Martijn Smit

Modern App Demo

This next demonstration explores the world of what is possible with modern applications and vRealize as MOAD refactors their application for Kubernetes. You’ll see how vRealize Automation is leveraged to deploy a Kubernetes cluster and the applications including Tanzu Data Services. You’ll also see how the monitoring components can be included in the deployment for fully automated monitoring through vRealize Operations Cloud and vRealize Log Insight Cloud.

VMworld Session #APP1586 An End-To-End Demo of Day 0 to Day 2 VMware Tanzu Management with vRealize Presented by Sam McGeown & Matt Bradford

Don’t Miss Out

Don’t miss this great opportunity to catch these sessions live at VMworld 2021. Not only will you get to see some great technical demonstrations of what you can do right now, but you can also ask questions to help you get started. These sessions are available to all Tech+ Pass holders at VMworld 2021. For more information on Tech+ check out the VMworld page here.


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