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Google Cloud VMware Engine and vRealize Cloud Management

Datacenters are growing in scale and complexity, extending from private clouds to public clouds and multiple public clouds.    Companies now need an intelligent and integrated, enterprise-grade solution that automates and simplifies operations management. With VMware vRealize Cloud Management solutions, it brings is a comprehensive multi-cloud management solution so you can better roll-out datacenter expansion, disaster recovery, business continuity, and modern application strategies. In this blog, I will explain how vRealize Cloud Management operates within the Google Cloud VMware Engine hybrid and multi cloud environment.

For those unfamiliar with vRealize Cloud Management, here are the critical components:

  • vRealize Operations: Delivers self-driving IT operations management capabilities powered by AI, so companies can optimize, plan, and scale VMware SDDC with deployments with visibility across multiple public clouds.
  • vRealize Automation: Customers can increase agility, productivity, and efficiency through self-service automation and a platform based on DevOps principles.
  • vRealize Network Insight: Helps companies build a highly available and secure network infrastructure across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • vRealize Log Insight: Unified visibility across private and public clouds for deep operational insights and faster root-cause analysis.

Google Cloud VMware Engine enables companies to run VMware native workloads within the Google Cloud Platform. The solution extends VMware compute (vSphere), network (NSX-T), storage (vSAN), and centralized integration (vCenter) functionality into the Google Compute Engine infrastructure.

And to meet the demands of this multi cloud era, the following vRealize Cloud Management capabilities are now VMware Validated for operability within Google Cloud VMware Engine:

  1. vRealize Network Insight release 6.2 and above
  2. vRealize Network Insight Cloud
  3. vRealize Automation release 8.3 and above
  4. vRealize Automation Cloud
  5. NEW vRealize Operations release 8.4 and above
  6. NEW vRealize Operations Cloud

vRealize Operations, driven by AI, helps make IT teams more proactive and agile through comprehensive data and policy-based control across the entire infrastructure, from applications to infrastructure. The latest vRealize Operations v8.4 release extends the monitoring capabilities to Google Cloud VMware Engine for proactive, real-time operations management.

These capabilities provide everything you need run your VMware environment natively in Google Cloud including vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T, and HCX in a dedicated environment.  With this service, you can extend or bring your on-premises and private workloads to Google Cloud in minutes by connecting to a dedicated VMware environment.

Now, you can monitor and manage VMware Cloud vCenter Server by connecting the VMware Cloud vCenter Server as an end point inside vRealize Operations Manager.  You can create an adapter instance for vCenter Server, VMware NSX and VMware vSAN to collect data from VMware Cloud and bring that into vRealize Operations Manager.

And there are recommended ways to make this happen:

  1. Connect directly to the vCenter Server collecting data from Google Cloud VMware Engine without remote data collectors
vRealize Operations On-Premise collecting data from Google Cloud VMware Engine without remote data collectors

2. Use a remote collector which can be deployed inside a VMware Cloud SDDC to ensure that the data can be compressed and encrypted

We’ve also certified vRNI 6.2+ and vRNI Cloud with official support for Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE). Check out this next blog below to see how vRealize Network Insight monitors and troubleshoots your Google Cloud VMware Engine SDDCs.


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