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vRealize Operations 8.2 Views: filter enhancements

vRealize Operations 8.2 Views: filter enhancements

Of course, in vRops 8.2 release we enhanced the Views, with major focus on filtering improvements as explained further below.

Before starting the main topic I would like to invite your attention to this KB about VM Creation Date in human readable format, this desirable feature was added in vRealize Operations 8.1.

Now let’s return to vRops 8.2, the major changes we will be looking at in this post are:

  1. Filtering for instanced metrics/properties
  2. Filtering for different transformations
  3. Option to include Deleted entities in Views


1.  Filtering for instanced metrics/properties

Let’s start our overview from the instanced metric filtering. Just a reminder, that Views allows to configure single instanced metric and see all instances data in more friendly manner, but results were filtered according to the exactly configured metric.

In picture below, we see a table showing the “CPU| Ready (%)” metric with the enabled “Add instance breakdown column” option.


vRealize Operations views reports


Let’s configure the simple filter for “CPU:0” instance.



In the previous vRops versions we have the same first picture with all 4 instances since first CPU:0 instance passed the condition.

But in vROps 8.2 configured filter will automatically check filter condition independently for each instanced metric.



Stop! But why we see the “CPU:3” instance with 0.11% value here? It should show the first “CPU:0” instance only since the condition was “is greater than 0.11”! So, we are moving to the second major change for clarification.


2.    Filtering for different transformations

In the first topic I omitted view configuration by intention to show that value and filter data can be inconsistent – I configured metric to show value with some transformation, but filter always worked with last data point value! We can see for example “CPU:3” average value since metric data passed condition for last point.

To avoid such cases in vRops 8.2 customer can select explicit transformation function for filter. I prepared a small example to show behavior and configuration for transformation function in Filter section.

Metric chart shows that 397.72 and 637.33 as value extremums, and last value is 478.12 MHz.




In previous versions filter “is greater than 500 MHz” condition evaluated on last value by default and we see empty result. In vRops 8.2 we can configure transformation function for filter and completely control desired filter behavior.



Please note – we show “Latest” value for “CPU |Usage (MHz)” metric if metric maximum value was greater than 500 MHz during configured Time Settings.


3. Option to include Deleted entities in Views

By design, Views don’t show not-existing objects, in the below picture we see only 2 Virtual Machine under selected host.



vRops 8.2 brings nice exception for Virtual Machines in List View – just enable “Include Deleted Objects” option.



and we will see deleted objects as well, with corresponding “Deletion Time”.



Stay tuned for more exciting features in next releases!



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