Network Automation for the Enterprise

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations in both private and public sectors globally to rethink the way they need to operate in the new normal.  As physical distancing has become part of life, organizations rely on digital services more than ever.  Applications and services will need to be released more frequently with reliability and security.

While many IT organizations have automated compute and storage provisioning, it has only partially solved business speed and productivity challenges, because most have not addressed network and security operations.  Network automation is the key to truly enabling organizations to comprehensively automate the IT delivery process end to end.

Download eBook: Enterprise Framework for Network Automation

Have you started to explore Network Automation, but not sure how to implement and apply it enterprise-wide?  Download the Enterprise Framework for Network Automation eBook to learn more how network automation can enable multiple parts of the IT organization from Network Engineering to Cloud Operations teams.  Learn how the solution can help modernize IT processes across the IT delivery cycle from Day 0 to Day 2 and support business continuity in the new normal.

Network Automation Enterprise Framework

Network Automation Enterprise Framework

Network Automation Enterprise Framework

This eBook provides a simple framework to help VP of Infrastructure and Operations, VP of Networking, Director of Network Infrastructure, and other key senior IT executives.  Understand how a network automation solution can support each stage of the IT service delivery lifecycle and plan how to implement enterprise-wide.

It will help you dimension the people and process challenges and inefficiencies associated with different teams typically working in silos.  Use the framework to understand what network automation capabilities can help facilitate and coordinate the handoffs between the network infrastructure teams, the security teams, and the cloud infrastructure automation teams.

In addition, recognize the benefits of integrating the upstream and downstream processes, so that the rest of the organization can take advantage of foundational networking and security services at scale.  Furthermore, understand how a network automation solution can enable an organization to programmatically interact with virtualized network infrastructure objects and apply Infrastructure as Code to maximize operational savings and productivity gains across the enterprise.

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