VMware vRealize Suite 2019, vCloud Suite 2019, and vCloud Suite 2019 Platinum, the industry leading cloud management platforms are now available for download.

VMware vRealize Suite


Modern Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

VMware vRealize Suite, vCloud Suite, and vCloud Suite Platinum are part of VMware’s hybrid cloud management platform offerings.

  • vRealize Suite is a hybrid cloud management platform that enables IT Operations to deliver a self-service private or hybrid cloud with automation, governance, and consistent operations.
  • vCloud Suite brings together vSphere, the industry-leading server virtualization software and the foundation of a modern SDDC (Software Defined Data Center), and the vRealize Suite together.
  • vCloud Suite Platinum brings vSphere Platinum and vRealize Suite together to help IT Operations deliver a self-service private or hybrid cloud with automation, governance, consistent operations, AND intrinsic security.

VMware Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

The VMware “Suites” solutions provide organizations an easy way to on-board to cloud, enabling consistent deployments with visibility and governance for virtualized and cloud native workloads deployed across hybrid and multicloud environments, including VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The hybrid cloud management platform also helps IT organizations to optimize, plan, and scale their cloud operations.


What’s New in vRealize Suite 2019

As announced at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco, VMware is delivering a major refresh of our multi-cloud management platform based on advanced technologies, supporting our customers’ cloud journey, now and into the future. The vRealize Suite 2019 includes the latest vRealize version 8.0 products. The vRealize Suite integrates vRealize Automation 8.0 and vRealize Operations 8.0 to deliver advanced closed loop optimization capabilities that enable continuous performance, capacity and cost optimization, simplifying IT operations and lowering IT costs.

vRealize Automation 8.0

Following vRealize Automation 7.6, vRealize Automation 8.0 is our latest next-gen hybrid cloud automation platform that helps customers increase productivity and efficiency through policy-based self-service provisioning and lifecycle management.  The vRealize Automation 8.0 platform enables (1) self-service hybrid clouds, (2) multi-cloud automation & governance, (3) DevOps service delivery, and (4) Kubernetes cluster management.

New Features include:

  • Platform: Modern container-based microservices architecture with simplified installation and deployment, improved performance & HA, and on-demand scalability
  • Ease of Use: Automated private/hybrid cloud set-up for VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cloud on AWS with API-driven configuration, deployment and management
  • Extensibility: Direct integration with VMware Cloud on AWS and enhanced integrations with AWS, Azure, GCP, Terraform, Infoblox, Ansible, Git, Jenkins, Bamboo; Closed loop optimization with vRealize Operations 8.0
  • DevOps: Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)-based platform with YAML support and declarative templates; supports Kubernetes workloads (manage, monitor, discover, import, and request Kubernetes clusters and namespace); Intuitive visual pipeline designer with pipeline as code and built-in pipeline analytics for pipeline visibility and troubleshooting
  • Multi-cloud capabilities: out of the box support for public clouds including consistent orchestration across public cloud end points, embedding native public cloud services from AWS, Azure and GCP in blueprints and support for cloud agnostic blueprints.


vRealize Operations 8.0

Following vRealize Operations 7.5, vRealize Operations 8.0 is our latest next-gen self-driving cloud operations platform powered by AI/ML that enables (1) continuous performance optimization, (2) proactive capacity and cost management, (3) intelligent remediation, and (4) integrated compliance.

New Features include:

  • Performance Optimization: Continuous performance and workload optimization with vRealize Automation 8.0 integration; Workload optimization and cross-cluster balancing for VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Capacity and Cost Management: Complete capacity/cost management and planning for HCI and VMware Cloud on AWS; public cloud costing via Cloud Health integration; private cloud cost comparison for new workload planning
  • Intelligent Remediation: New ML-based troubleshooting workbench for expedited root cause analysis; Knowledge-base insights via Skyline integration; more out-of-the-box app monitoring (20 total apps); support for top n-processes; one-time script execution; custom script execution; native service discovery; new management pack for Azure
  • Integrated Compliance: Updated UI; enhancement to regulatory and custom compliance for SDDC (vSphere, NSX-T, vSAN) and VMs in VMware Cloud on AWS; import/export custom compliance standards; automate drift remediation with vRealize Orchestrator integration


vRealize Log Insight 8.0

Starting with vRealize Suite 2019, the vRealize Log Insight version has also lined up to version 8.0 from its last vRealize Log Insight 4.8 version. Log management and analytics are an integral part of VMware’s Cloud Management portfolio for faster monitoring and troubleshooting.

New Features include:

  • Enterprise Readiness: Photon OS, Certificate Management, IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack risk-based support
  • Increase log export > 20k


vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.0

Similar to vRealize Log Insight, the version number for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager has lined up to version 8.0. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager delivers unified lifecycle management and is available with vRealize Suite. It enables Cloud Admins to focus on supporting business-oriented activities, by automating the installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, configuration management, drift remediation, and health of the vRealize Suite platform and its components. It also provides content management capabilities for the individual products, such as vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator, vSphere 6.x, and vRealize Operations. The content can also be source controlled by Gitlab.

New Features include:

  • Enhanced UI: new UI for lifecycle management, new UI for directory management
  • Simplifying vRealize Automation installation
  • New Locker tile: In addition to enhanced certificate management, the new tile is also used to manage licenses and passwords
  • Common VMware Workspace ONE Access: formerly known as the VMware Identity Manager, this new implementation will support all the vRealize Suite products


vRealize Suite Advanced/Enterprise Packaging Enhancements

vRealize Business for Cloud capabilities integrated into vRealize Operations

What happened to vRealize Business for Cloud? Don’t worry. We’ve simplified the packaging for vRealize Suite Advanced and Enterprise. All editions of vRealize Operations (advanced and enterprise) in vRealize Suite will now natively include vRealize Business for Cloud capabilities for the hybrid cloud, eliminating the need for the separate vRealize Business for Cloud software. With the streamlined vRealize Suite Advanced and Enterprise packaging, Cloud Admins will have one less component to install, and users can perform the hybrid costing and pricing use cases natively within vRealize Operations. While vRealize Operations provides cost analysis and optimization for the hybrid cloud, CloudHealth by VMware is the go-to product for public cloud cost analysis and optimization.

VMware vRealize Suite Packaging & Licensing


What’s New in vCloud Suite 2019

VMware vCloud Suite 2019 includes vRealize Suite 2019 and vSphere Enterprise Plus for vCloud Suite.

VMware vCloud Suite 2019


What’s New in vCloud Suite 2019 Platinum

VMware vCloud Suite 2019 Platinum includes vRealize Suite 2019 and vSphere Platinum for vCloud Suite. vCloud Suite Platinum enables IT Operations to gain visibility into application context and behavior to accurately identify and eliminate legitimate threats in real time, while continuously hardening and protecting workloads.

VMware vCloud Suite 2019 Platinum


Learn More

To learn more about VMware hybrid cloud management platform solutions, visit us online at VMware vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite. See how you can:

  • Deliver a future proof hybrid cloud plan that transforms traditional IT infrastructure into a more agile and flexible platform to support global expansion and related business demands
  • Support multiple hybrid / public clouds and the latest development technologies (e.g. Kubernetes, containers, FaaS, etc.) to enable the business accelerate time to market for delivering new products and services, enhancing customer experiences at every touch point
  • Optimize, plan and scale their hybrid cloud and HCI operations, while gaining multi-cloud observability

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    1. Hello, you are accessing the correct download link. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (LCM) and VMware Identity Manager (vIDM aka Workspace One Access) are REQUIRED to handle install, configuration, post install management and authentication of vRealize Automation 8.0. You can use existing LCM and vIDM configurations for vRealize Automation 8 as well. Please refer to this blog for more information on installing vRealize Automation 8.0.


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