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Not to Miss @VMworld: Mike Wookey, CTO on the Future of Cloud Management

Spotlight session MGT3138SU at VMworld 2017 Las Vegas:

What’s on the Horizon: Cool Emerging Technologies in Cloud Management

In this spotlight session, Mike Wookey, VMware Cloud Management CTO, and our top engineers will talk about what we see on the cloud horizon, and how cloud management will be evolving. These are the trends that will be shaping up our Cloud Management solutions in the near future.

Mike Wookey, CTO, VMware Cloud Management

Also, featured speakers will be:

Dev Nag, formerly the CTO/Founder at Wavefront (acquired by VMware). He was previously a Senior Engineer at Google, Founding Engineer at GLMX, and Manager of Business Operations Strategy at PayPal.
Nikki Roda, sr. interaction designer at VMware

Digital transformation brings with it huge volumes and high complexity of metrics and metadata generated by the software-defined private and public clouds, disrupting the existing operational paradigms. Managing these environments will require new solutions that will blur the lines between basic monitoring, troubleshooting, and automation.


Computer, how is My Datacenter Doing Today?

In this spotlight session, we will talk about the generational shifts in human-to-machine interfaces, proliferation of new interactive management channels for anytime/anywhere access, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time data analytics and noise reduction, and how these approaches will influence VMware cloud management solutions.

See What’s Brewing in our Labs

This is not science fiction. This is what is on our roadmap, and what fuels the creativity of our engineers today, and what you will find in our products tomorrow. To demonstrate what we are thinking about, we will share some cool skunkworks projects and emerging directions brewing at VMware labs that illustrate our vision and aspirations.

How to Register

Planning to attend the upcoming VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas or Barcelona? This is still a good time to register, and see you soon!


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