Nutanix clusters include the Prism management interface, which leverages services like Cassandra, Zookeeper, and Stargate to provide a complete overview of its cluster. These services maintain logs which can be used to monitor the cluster. Nutanix converges compute and storage in a single node which can be easily scaled, can have Localized I/O and eliminates compute and storage silos as they are in the same node.


Cluster Management

Prism gives administrators the ability to deploy clusters for storage and virtualization within minutes, allowing them to quickly run applications. Prism allows users to manage and monitor objects and services across their Nutanix installation.

Nutanix Content Pack  collects and analyzes logs forwarded by Nutanix clusters, and provides visualization and in-depth analysis of log events.

Nutanix events are filtered into 5 convenient dashboards that attempt to address the following usecases:
* Be alerted of increased disk latency
* Be alerted of network connectivity issues
* Identify if certain disks are involved in a large percentage of log events
* Be alerted of cluster reboots

Minimum requirements:

Nutanix cluster running NOS 4.6+
vRealize Log Insight 3.0+


Nutanix Overview

Nutanix Overview


Nutanix Zookeeper events

Nutanix Zookeeper events


Local cluster and environment alerts for managing and monitoring multiple clusters in Prism.


Nutanix Prism events

Nutanix Prism events

The Nutanix content pack can be found on the solutions exchange or via your Log Insight Server’s Content Pack Marketplace UI.


To install the Nutanix content pack for VMware Log Insight, follow these steps:

Log into the Log Insight Server as an administrator. In the upper-right, click the Administration menu then navigate to Agents and at the bottom of the page, click the “Download Log Insight Agent” and download the correct Agent.

The Nutanix agent group applies configuration to the Log Insight Agent. You can find the Nutanix – Clusters agent group under Administration -> Management -> Agents -> All Agents drop down. To apply, copy this template to active groups, add filters and save. The “hostname” field must be changed match the hostname of the host running the Log Insight Agent. The agent group also contains setup instructions.
Any new events coming from Nutanix should populate in their respective dashboards.