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Getting More Out of VMware – LIVE workshops at VMworld

Are you having trouble deciding how to spend your Sunday in Las Vegas? Before the frenzy of VMworld kicks in, VMware’s Cloud and Systems Engineering teams are hosting two Getting More Out of vRealize Operations workshops on Sunday, August 28th, to share best practices for utilizing vRealize Operations. Topics covered include capacity planning, resource optimization, performance troubleshooting, and application monitoring. Real-world use cases will be the basis for discussions and demonstrations so vRealize Operations customers should register to gain practical insights to take back to their environment.


Key to operations management is finding the delicate balance between end user demands and the associated costs to the business. While excess capacity might keep users happy, it’s likely to make IT leadership not satisfied which may lead to other projects being cut from the budget. Let’s stop hoarding those unnecessary resources and start to clean up your environment. Let’s give leadership a reason to let us work on those new and innovative projects. They can be self-funded with the savings from our idle and powered off Virtual Machines sitting on expensive storage to those expensive database licenses for databases that haven’t been touched in years.

What’s Covered in these Getting More Out of VMware workshops?

In these workshops, we’ll help you to better understand your existing resource capacity and identify your primary consumers.  We’ll demonstrate how vRealize Operations can provide valuable insight into overall utilization and trending to ensure you always have the required resources available to meet demand, while operating as cost-effectively as possible. Alerts and automated actions can be used to manage demand more predictably and still adhere to organizational policies, standards and regulatory requirements.

These workshops combine the best of several subjects from our popular Getting More Out of VMware webcast series—including Optimize Your Existing Capacity, Automated Actions, Load Balancing, and Workload Placement and vRealize Operations: Symptoms, Alerts, Recommendations and Actions—into three hours of interactive discussion and demonstrations.

All of our existing content can be found on our portal which is available for free 24 hours a day 7 days a week!


Join us!

Let’s start your 2016 VMworld experience in Las Vegas by interacting live with your favorite Getting More Out of presenters. Join us inside and avoid the heat!

Wake up early for our morning session from 8:30am – 11:30am, then cool off and enjoy the pool in the afternoon. Or, sleep in, and attend our afternoon session from 1:30pm – 4:30pm. We’ll be at the Luxor Hotel in Egyptian Room E-F.

This is a great opportunity to learn, interact with your peers and ask all your burning questions about vRealize Operations. Space is limited so register today!


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