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Getting More Out of VMware: Introduction to vRealize Orchestrator

By: Ryan Cartwright & David D’Entremont, VMware Senior Systems Engineers

On July 27th, we will be hosting a Getting More Out of VMware webinar called Introduction to vRealize Orchestrator.

We all have the same number of hours in the day, but the tasks we need to accomplish continue to grow in size and complexity. vRealize Orchestrator provides a platform for you to offload repetitive and complex tasks – giving you back time and increasing the quality of services provided. How can you get started with vRealize Orchestrator if you haven’t used it before? This session will provide an introduction to the platform including how to install and configure the appliance to work with vSphere and vRealize Automation.

Deploying the vRealize Orchestrator appliance

Adding vRealize Orchestrator to your environment is a quick task that requires just a few bits of information.  Once we have the appliance on the network, we will configure authentication, install a SSL certificate, and validate that we are ready to connect.  The new Control Center interface will be highlighted showing how a new installation can be configured in a matter of a few minutes.

vRealize Orchestrator

Backing up the appliance

Once we start to build a library of workflows that are running in our environment, we need to make sure those are protected just like other vital infrastructure components. There are several methods for backing up the appliance and all its contents including VMware Data Protection.  Also server configuration can be exported from the Control Center.  All the library of content that you build can also be exported to another vRealize Orchestrator interface, more on that when we cover Packages.

vRealize Orchestrator_2

Managing workflows

This is where you will spend most of your time with the vRealize Orchestrator interface. There is great quantity and quality of content right out of the box. Those provide immediate value to you and are a model for you to customize for your needs. We will be running some workflows to finish our configuration and then schedule other workflows to run at specified times. Then we will create a new workflow, re-using a component, to show how easy it is to get started.

vRealize Orchestrator_3

Understanding Policies and Packages

Once you have that library of functions and workflows that you want to run, Policies can provide a way to automate the running of workflows in response to external events. Whether that be a message bus or an SNMP trap, make your life easier by automating! No need for a phone call or other alert…let vRealize Orchestrator take on those tasks.

There also is a large library of workflows that are built by partners on VMware Solution Exchange. We will demonstrate how to import a Package from the user community further extending the capabilities of vRealize Orchestrator.

vRealize Orchestrator_4

Join us on July 27th for the presentation and Q&A discussion afterward! Click here to Register!

Visit to view the entire Getting More Out of VMware webinar series.


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