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Log Insight 3.0 Now Available

vRealize Log Insight continues to make great strides not only in supporting large environments, but also in great user experience.  With respect to our super-simple administration, I had a customer tell me once that we should “wear it as a badge”.

The most recent release of vRealize Log Insight, version 3.0 which is now available for download, is Faster (we’ve doubled the ingestion rate), Bigger (a cluster of 12 nodes can process over 2.5TB of data per day), and Better (I’ve got a long list of exciting new features!).

Since you’re not paying on a per-Megabyte basis with Log Insight, send in as many logs as you can to recognize the full value of the analytics engine. Having data from every point in your infrastructure gives you a great view to correlate log data and take advantage of all the great new Log Insight 3.0 features:

Powerful Analytics Engine

  • Multi-Function Charts
    Compare different aggregation functions within the same chart using the multi-function chart. Chart multiple functions, such as MIN, MAX, and AVG.
  • Interactive Analytics Snapshots
    Visualize your log browsing history for an improved workflow using the snapshots feature. Compare two or more queries or save multiple snapshots to create new dashboards.
  • URL Shortener
    Share shortened URLs with your colleagues when directing them to Interactive Analytics.
  • Event Types Highlighter
    Identify individual events quickly by highlighting an Event Type. Event Types show summarized event data. All messages with a similar structure are grouped together and treated as a single Event Type.
  • Event Trends
    Set custom time periods as baselines when comparing event trends.

Low Touch Administration

  • High Availability Through a Leader-Based Architecture
    If a master node is removed from service temporarily, another node assumes the role, enabling high availability for Query, Alerting, and Configuration processes.
  • Hands-Free Rolling Upgrades
    Upgrade a cluster of vRealize Log Insight nodes at the click of a button. Each node is removed from service gracefully, and upgraded without the need for an external load balancer.
  • Event Forwarding with UDP Support
    The vRealize Log Insight Event Forwarder now supports syslog over UDP in addition to TCP.
  • Hadoop Archiving Endpoint
    Archive data directly to a Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS).

Lightweight Agent for Data Collection

  • Agent Group Configuration
    Apply agent configurations to a group of agents from the vRealize Log Insight user interface, enabling classful centralized mass-configuration.
  • Client-Side Parsers
    Achieve faultless event parsing by providing a list of fields within the agent configuration file. Key-value pairs (KVP), comma-separated values (CSV), Apache Common Log Format (CLF), and flexible timestamps are supported.
  • vRealize Log Insight Agents Support Communication Over SSL
    In addition to support for securely sending data over CFAPI SSL, vRealize Log Insight 3.0 now supports sending events over syslog with SSL.

For more information on the features, see the vRealize Log Insight User’s Guide and vRealize Log Insight Administration Guide.  Please make sure that you’ve opted “in” to the Customer Experience Improvement Program. The anonymized data that we collect helps us to understand which features are the most popular & how often errors may be happening in real-world usage. (Check your LI admin screens.)

If you’re not already a member of the Log Insight Community, please sign up. You’ll get to hear how other members are using Log Insight & vote on feature suggestions.


(ed. note: you can also try the Hands on Lab #1426 below.)

Log Insight Hands On Lab


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