Written by Chima Njaka, vRealize Operations Product Line Manager

Like many in the SF Bay Area, I’ve been caught up in the epic NBA Final championship series between the local Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  As of this writing, 3 exciting games of the best-of-seven series have been completed, with the first two going to overtime, and wins by both teams.  Although the Warriors struck first with an early win, the Cavs have responded by winning the last two games, putting together a smothering defense that has kept to Warriors to their lowest scoring percentage all season, while staying just enough in front with their own offense.

Guided Remediation by Andre and Steph.

Although it is just a game, there is something that we can learn from watching the dynamics of this championship. That is: when faced with obstacles to progress, you must make adjustments to remediate the situation.  We’ve seen how the Cavs adjusted to the Warriors after game 1.  How should the Warriors now adjust?  No doubt, anxious Warriors fans have all sorts of recommendations.  But it is ultimately the team’s coach who is responsible for wisely guiding them back to victory.

A Coach for Your Data Center: Guided Remediation

So, what if you had a coach to assist you with your data center operations? What would your expectations be? Certainly, you’d hope it to draw on it’s experience, analytics capabilities, and insight to guide you in optimally executing your day to day plans, and respond to any issues, with clear actions to change things for the better.

When you think about it, this sounds exactly like VMware’s vRealize Operations Manager! Not only does it offer best-in-class visibility into your heterogeneous virtual environment, including immediate health issues, potential capacity shortfalls, and opportunities to optimize resources, but it also takes things to the next level — guiding you to directly remediate identified operational issues from the same interface. This takes advantage of the new Actions Framework introduced with vROPs 6.0. In fact, as an expert “player” in your own environment, you can create your own Symptoms, Alerts, Recommendations, and associated Remediation Actions.

In a way, the Actions Framework and the Actions it provides for you are like your teammates on the court, ready to execute the coaches (and your) plan. So, team up with vRealize Operations Manager and let its guided remediation capabilities help you tame your daily operational issues!

Oh yeah, and Go Warriors!