Custom Dashboards are a key capability of vRealize Operations Manager and enable you to display your data the way you need to visualize it.

While these dashboards have been available in previous versions of the vRealize Operations, the new Custom Dashboard Workspace (aka Wizard) makes creating new dashboards a simple task. You need to create a dashboard for a Line of Business (LOB) owner, simple.  The guys in the West Coast data center want a dashboard to view problems in there local environment, done. You want one dashboard that looks at storage performance, easy-peasy.

The below video will explain and walk you through the process used to create Custom Dashboards in vRealize Operations Manager 6. It will show you how easy to use Custom Dashboard Workspace can help drive your business and support needs.

You can learn more about the Custom Dashboards in the vRealize Operations Documentation Center and if you are following the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, check out this blog post from Sunny Dua on how to use vRealize Operations Manager to create a vRealize Operations dashboard for getting insights into each game of cricket happening in the tournament.