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Capacity Optimization and Scenario Modeling for the Virtual Infrastructure – vRealize Operations Tech Tips #9

In our last Tech Tips series blog post, we talked about Allocation vs Demand Based Capacity Modeling.

So, now that you have a better understanding of the common capacity planning terms and the need to have both an allocation and a demand based modeling techniques, it’s time to take a look at how vRealize Operations helps with your capacity planning and optimization needs.

First, we will start with examining the capacity remaining and time remaining analysis badges to understand what vRealize Operations is telling us regarding how much capacity we have used and remaining as well as what that translates to in terms of days remaining before we completely exhaust that capacity.

We will then move into Projects which will allow us to simulate adding more capacity or growth.  Projects graphically visualize the impact and change of the capacity to the trend lines.  We will take a look at two projects individually, and then also look at the combined impact of the two projects on the overall capacity.  Lastly, we will commit a project and any future capacity planning or capacity metrics will account for the capacity changed as a result of the committed projects.

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