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by Rich Bourdeau

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Prior to deploying VMware vRealize Automation it took the University of New Mexico about 20 minutes to create a virtual machine, but about 3 weeks before someone could actually use it.  That is because that was just one of about a hundred manual steps divided across six groups that needed to be performed to make that virtual machine functional.

The University of New Mexico was like many VMware customers they had virtualized a large percentage of their Infrastructure.  While virtualization had cut the delivery of a new server machine down from months and many weeks to a few weeks and maybe even a few days, they still could not keep up with the demands of the different departments within the university.  If this sounds familiar, read on to see how the University of New Mexico is now faster and more efficient at delivering IT infrastructure services.

The Challenges:

  • Slow and inconsistent delivery of IT Resources (anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 days)
  • Manual IT provisioning processes spread across multiple departments
  • Decentralized organizations, each department did not have sufficient IT resources to manage their own infrastructure

The Solution:

To improve service delivery and centralize the management of core IT functions, the University of New Mexico implemented VMware vRealize Automation to deliver infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

The Benefits:

  • Accelerated Service Delivery times from weeks and days to minutes
  • Private Cloud – Increased IT efficiency and reduced costs
  • Enabled departments to adopt new technology faster by leveraging private cloud Infrastructure services

“With the help of VMware solutions, we’ve transformed an extremely inconsistent service process into an experience that’s the equivalent of going into McDonald’s and ordering a Big Mac.”

Brian Pietrewicz — Director of Computing Platforms, University of New Mexico

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