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Log Insight Beta: What’s New

We are pleased to announce the availability of Log Insight 2.5 Beta. Thanks for your feedback. We’ve pulled with all our might to get you some of the most-requested features. We hope you’d give this a spin and share your experience with us. You can download this release here.

To find out more and to talk directly to the product team, sign up for our Log Insight Beta 2.5 Webinar here.

Here’s what’s new in Log Insight Beta (Since TP3)

What follows is the list of new features since our Tech Preview 3. If you didn’t see any of our Tech Previews, make sure to sign up at the Log Insight Expert Community.

  • Event trends Analyzer
    • Get new insights and detect anomalies with automatic analysis of your events in the new ‘Event Trends’ tab. See how events are trending in a specified time interval and easily detect ones that are potentially affecting the health of your system.
  • Log Insight Forwarder
    • You can now configure the Log Insight Server to forward ingested events to multiple remote servers. Further, you can specify filters to forward only certain types of events you may be interested in.
  • Highly available Integrated Load Balancer
    • The new High Availability service will ensure that your Log Insight server is always available to ingest events. The integrated load balancer works in conjunction with this service to balance your network traffic. You can now do away with external load balancers and their complex configurations.
  • Contextual Infinite Log Browser
    • Browse logs in the context of a particular event. You can view events that precede or follow a particular one that you’re interested in. Further, you can apply filters around these to narrow down an issue quickly.
  • Log Insight Agents support communication using SSL
    • If you are upgrading from a previous version of Log Insight, please ensure that port 9543 is open.
  • Log Insight is localized
    • Log Insight is now available in these languages: French, German, Korean, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • Integration with vRealize Operations Manager
    • Log Insight can send alerts to vRealize Operations Manager, and once alerted, you have the full context of an issue of any entity (such as Virtual Machines, Hosts, Data centers, clusters and others)
      • Note: This integration works only when Log Insight is used with vRealize Operations Manager 6.0. If you’re interested in a demo please write to us at li-info@vmware.com.


If you have any comments or questions about the product, please let us know at li-info@vmware.com. You can submit additional requests for features, enhancements or report bugs on our community site: Log Insight Expert Community.

Take Log Insight HOL
Take Log Insight HOL


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