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vCAC and NSX – Dynamically Configure Application Specific Network Services

by Rich Bourdeau

Can you deliver a secure, scalable and high performing application on demand?

vCAC-NSX App Deployment


Applications need much more than the appropriately sized virtual machines.  They also need networks configured with appropriate connectivity, security, availability, scale, and performance. In order to deliver these capabilities to your applications you will need to automate more of the network configuration than just assigning IP address, DNS entries and LAN assignments to the virtual machines that host your applications.


As part of deploying a complex multi-tiered application you will likely need   to improve connectivity through deployment of logical switches and networks, improves security through intelligent placement of workloads in security groups, protected by firewall rules, and increases availability and performance through the deployment of distributed firewalls and load balancers.



If your are only automating part of the solution, you are only solving part of the problem

If you can’t configure all your network services dynamically in the context of deploying and application, then you will need to add additional manual steps to your partially automated application deployment.  These manual network configuration steps delay delivery of the application as well as introduce the possibility of errors common with manual configuration process.

vCAC-NSX Catalysts

vCloud Automation Center can dynamically provision  NSX logical services customized to the specific needs of each applications.  The combined capabilities of these products empower IT to fully automate the delivery of secure, scalable and high performing multi-tier applications.  To help you better understand how these capabilities work we have created three videos which provide an overview of the concepts as well as a demonstration of how to configure the vCAC policies that will drive delivery of NSX services.

A special thanks to Grant Orchard for compiling these videos.   To learn more from Grant follow his blog at

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