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Management Automation: The “Catalysts” that Empower the Software Defined Data Center

By Rich Bourdeau

Today, the world revolves around applications. Creating, delivering and managing those applications is a formidable challenge for both Development and IT.  By virtualizing all aspects of the data center (namely, compute, networking, security and storage), VMware customers are moving to a completely virtualized infrastructure. One that can be dynamically configured to meet specific application needs.

Because a virtualized infrastructure is fully abstracted from hardware, workloads running in your data center, can be deployed seamlessly on the environment of your choosing: private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud.

However, virtualizing all aspects of your infrastructure by itself will not provide the desired efficiency improvements if your infrastructure and applications are still being delivered by siloed manual processes that take days and weeks to deliver the services the business needed yesterday.

SDDC Challenges

So what is needed to address those fundamental challenges in the way IT delivers services to the business?   Virtualizing more of the physical compute, storage and networking infrastructure resources lays the foundation for being able to dynamically configure resources to meet the accelerating pace of business.

However, management automation is the catalyst to delivering services IT services more efficiently.  To see how cloud automation and management will drive the next round of IT efficiency improvements while at the same time lowering costs I highly recommend that you watch this short video.

Mgmt Auto Catalyst 

Learn more about VMware’s Cloud Automation solution

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