by Rich Bourdeau

EMC IT DBaaSI came across this case study about EMC’s IT’s Database-as-a-Service deployment and ITaaS reference architecture.  Below is a quick summary, but there is an incredible amount of insights and lessons learned that can be gained from reading the full paper.  Regardless if you have already deployed, are in the middle of deploying, or just thinking about deploying a private or hybrid cloud infrastructure I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to read this paper.  You will not be disappointed.

The ObjectiveObjective

  • Deliver IT as a Service for both IT and Database administrators
  • Increase stability through standardization
  • Deploy Apps, DBs and VMs Faster and with less effort
    • Automate 7 process phases across 14 teams

The Solution

  • eCALM – EMC’s Cloud Automation Lifecycle Management Platform
    Self-Service provisioning and full lifecycle management

    • Scale apps and databases “up or down”, “in or out”
  • Based on VMware Cloud Management softwaresolution
    • vCloud Automation Center – Automate the delivery and full lifecycle management of Infrastructure, applications, databases and other IT services
    • vCenter Orchestrator – Adapt vCloud Automation Center’s purpose built automation to meet EMC’s unique requirements
    • Puppet – transforms a provisioned VM into a fully functional, running database server, as ordered in the service catalog.
    • vCenter Operations Manager – provides operational dashboards, performance analytics and capacity management

The Results: EmpowermentResults

  • 99%+ improvement in service delivery times
    • 2 Weeks to under 1 Hour elapsed time
    • Eliminate 14-24 hours of manual effort
  • Increased stability and reliability of delivered systems
    • Less rework  due to manual errors
  • DBAs could respond quicker to critical issues
    • Empower DBAs to act quickly within established guidelines

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