What’s the most feature-driven cloud management platform?

Info-Tech Research Group’s new in-depth rankings of cloud management platforms placed VMware’s vCloud Suite with vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) in the “Champion” leadership position.

The Info-Tech report, called “Vendor Landscape: Cloud Management Platforms,” highlights the results of a competitive product and vendor analysis featuring 10 vendors that compete in this space.

Info-Tech describes VMware’s cloud management offering as “…a great solution for existing customers looking to capitalize on VMware’s ownership of the entire software defined data center.” Info-Tech concludes that it is “a comprehensive and effective cloud management suite,” available at a “surprisingly competitive price.”

VMware’s cloud management platform was judged “exemplary” (the highest rating) in the categories of features, usability and architecture. And, as a vendor, VMware was rated exemplary in the categories of viability, reach and channel.

Among nine features evaluated by Info-Tech Research, such as performance monitoring, architecture mapping tools, and showback/chargeback capabilities, VMware’s rating was unsurpassed by the other vendors.

Chart 1

Source: Info-Tech Research Group, Feb. 2014

The Cloud Management Platform report’s assessment of VMware’s strategy is that “VMware will drive commercial clouds: VMware is leveraging its enterprise dominance, plus a key acquisition (DynamicOps for vCloud Automation Center) to bolster adoption by enterprises and service providers of cloud management platforms.” In summary, the authors describe vCloud Suite as “A well-rounded cloud platform [that] extends the value proposition of the current leader in virtualization technology.”

Chart 2Source: Info-Tech Research Group, Feb. 2014